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Every month I share a new screensaver in my Homeschool Newsletter, and a couple of you have emailed to ask me why!

An educational screensaver is a wonderful low-key way to spark a learning experience with your children.

Screensavers are perfect for strewing. You don't need to point their attention to it - just leave the screensaver to do it's magic.

I change my screensaver once a month. Sometimes the children ignore it! But sometimes they get interested enough to ask about it. That becomes a great opportunity to explore a new subject. Or just have an interesting conversation!

I am very careful about choosing screensavers. They have to be free (or have a trial that lasts at least a month). And no extra downloads along with it (especially software that will 'monitor my browsing behaviour').

Screensavers I Recommend

educational screensavers

  • Hubble Telescope
      You can download the free screensaver from PC World.

      The screensaver shows lots of photographs taken by the Telescope.

  • Egypt
      This screensaver is a virtual fly-around tour of the Giza Plateau.

      Be sure to check out the details of the pyramids on the download screen so you can sound knowledgeable about it!

  • Tudor Times
      The Bradford Table Carpet displays a table carpet from Tudor times showing the types of activities that Tudor people liked!

      The dates of the Tudor reign are (August)1485 to 1603. To find out more about Tudor Times and the table carpet, visit TudorBritain.Org.

  • Cities of the Earth
      This screensaver shows Cities of the Earth.

      This educational screensaver shows the earth, with all the major cities hightlighted. What I liked about it is that, as each city comes into view, it shows the name of the city, population figures and the time. It even changes to show day and night.

      The 'Download Now' button is near the top of the screen on the right hand side.

      Once set up, you can :
      Zoom in/zoom out: Use mouse wheel to move camera closer/farther.
      Camera Control: Use "up" and "down" arrow keys to control the vertical camera position (e.g. to look at Antarctica).
      Use "left" and "right" arrow keys to slow down or to speed up the camera rotation speed.


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