Minecraft Coloring

Check out these two downloadable coloring books!

These 32-page colouring ebook features many popular Minecraft characters, including the creeper, zombie, enderman, ender dragon, ghast, mooshroom and skeleton.

Do your kids love Minecraft?

These Minecraft Coloring Ebook are sure to appeal to younger Minecraft gaming fans - they'll have hours of fun colouring in the many popular Minecraft mobs.

These 32 page downloadable ebooks will keep them happy coloring for hours!

Pages include :

  • Ender Dragon Cruises the Coast
  • Minecraft Pig
  • Minecraft Monster
  • Minecraft Horse
  • Minecraft Mooshroom
  • Zombie at Night
  • Creeper Visit
  • Minecraft Castle, 
  • Creeper Pirate
  • Cabin in the Woods
  • My Pet Pig

Book One

Sample Pages:


Product Form

Format : PDF Download - 32 pages

Book Two

Sample Pages:


Product Form

Format : PDF Download - 32 pages

Coloring builds dexterity and hand-eye coordination in your children - so are a wonderful thing to strew or add to boredom packs.Why not use the coloring book as part of some Minecraft Activities? Here are some ideas;

  • Minecraft is all about building! Why not design a skyscraper? And look at designs of cities and monuments for Minecraft building ideas. Who are the most famous architects in history?
  • Any Minecraft fan will know that if they dig too deep they hit lava! Build a 3D model of the Earth and look at the different layers of the core.
  • My children and I did a whole project about mining. We visited different minining museums (flint, lead and coal!) and we looked at the history of mining and its tools. You could look into smelting and make your own periodic table. And don't forget to tie in The Gold Rush. This would make a project all of its own.

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