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Kids love science when you present it as cool experiments for them to try. And doing experiements as part of your homeschool can be easy and fun.

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Of course, science is everywhere - from the bubbles in your boiling water, to the ice in your cooler. One of the difficulties I found with science at home was finding experiments that actually worked - or taught something interesting. So here is a list of our favorite science experiments and resources.

Science Experiments for Kids

Water Experiments
31 easy water experiments for you to try - with a description of the science behind them.

Easy Science Experiments
31 quick and easy science experiments for you to try covering a whole variety of science principles.

Carnation Experiment
This is a really simple experiment that kids love. Stand a white carnation in some colored water (we use food dye) and watch the flower change color as it travels up the stem of the plant and is made into food.

FREE Downloadable Experiments
Susan Kilbride has written a great book full of Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachers. Susan has kindly given me permission to share with you 2 chapters from her book for free.

Kids science experiments - Plants unit study
Plant Experiments
Lots of experiments and activities to teach your 3-7 year old about plants. From seeds to growing plants to flowers. It even includes some riddles!
Kids science experiments - Atoms and Molecules unit study
Atoms and Molecules
Great activities for your 8-13 year olds to learn about atoms and molecules at home. This chapter includes a periodic table but you can find more versions here.

Time Lapse Science
Time lapse photography is a great way to see science in action - it really seems to make your experiements come alive. You can use time lapse to show the effects of temperature, to see plants growing or to watch the decomposition of food. Try these time lapse photography ideas. It really isn't as hard as you may think - check out how to make a time lapse video.

Pepper and Soap Experiment
Sometimes the coolest experiments are the simplest. Try this neat pepper and soap experiment :

Make Slime
Every homeschooler needs to try this at least once! This silly putty recipe page includes the science behind your slime!

Smelting Metals
For 5th Grade and above - try this smelting metals chemistry project.

Helping your Child Learn Science.
This ebook from the US Department of Education has some useful ideas on how to help your child learn science.


I hope you have fun trying out these science activities. Want to see more experiments? We liked this site and you can find a longer list of websites on my Kids Science websites page.

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