You Only Live Once

Teenager Workbook and Planner

Do you want to inspire your teenager to take responsibility for their own learning this year?

The You Only Live Once Workbook, Planner and Calendar is designed to help you do exactly that.

Inspire your Teenager!

The 'You Only Live Once' workbook and planner is a tool for self-discovery that will help your teenager to dream big, and be well prepared for the future.

Homeschooling a teenager can be tricky - particularly if they don't know what they want from life.

You Only Live Once Homeschool Teenager Workbook and Planner

"The planner is fabulous! It can be used by any type of homeschooled child. It's easy to interact with but also makes the teenager think of what they hope to be. It's very positive. It has a little bit of structure but does seem more autonomous/relaxed to me.  

It definitely could help parents establish what their children would like to do and what they don't want too. - Natasha

The workbook will take your teenager step by step and show them how to:

  • Learn from previous years
  • Get a handle on what their deepest, most important dreams. 
  • Set meaningful goals.
  • Create their own personal syllabus for the year. What does your teenager need to learn to help them move towards their goals?
  • Become well prepared for the future by taking responsibility for their academic achievements, for developing their skills and balancing their life with both inputs and outputs.
  • Build up their self confidence and belief in themselves
  • Get into action and stay on track with their plans using the monthly planning worksheet, monthly calendar and end of month review worksheet.

"I also liked the emphasis you put on not following the book precisely. I guess the aim is to get them thinking for themselves rather than thinking within the confines of a book." - Jane

Dream, Plan and Create an Inspiring Life

You Only Live Once - Teenager Planner

What you get in this workbook :

  • Name it to claim it - worksheets to help your teenager figure out what they really want.
  • Reflective questions 
  • Guidance on putting together a syllabus for the year.
  • Inspiring quotes.
  • Turn dreams into step by step planned action with the monthly planning worksheet.
  • Undated Monthly calendar and planner
  • Stay on track with a monthly review.
  • Over 90 pages + worksheets.

January  - December 

Digital Version Only $12

buy now on etsy

"I think The You Only Live Once workbook is fantastic.

If you have a teenager that is already self-motivated then I think this would work beautifully. I also think with a son like mine, who needs a gentle push to become motivated this is perfect as well. It has enough suggestions in there to hopefully inspire them and help them with the creative process that they would need to get through a year of homeschooling.

It would possibly work for autonomous or a slightly relaxed style as it is providing the teenager with the tools to make up their own mind how and when they want to learn. - Ashley

Some of the gorgeous worksheets and planner templates you will find in the workbook :

I have been looking through the teenager workbook. It's really rather fabulous :-)

I think it's pitched just right - not trying too hard to be cool, not patronizing etc. I think G. will find it very helpful.  -Viv

Frequently Asked Questions

This isn't really an academic planner. Will my children learn anything?

Preparing your children educationally for their future doesn't only mean stuffing their heads full of academic facts.

Homeschooling is a life experience that is rich, fulfilling and inspiring. This workbook helps your teenager find what is really important to them - and shows them how to set goals and include those things into every day.

What type of homeschooler does this suit?

We are very much go-with-the-flow homeschoolers - but I think the workbook could be incorporated into almost any type of homeschooling.

I use a curriculum. Can I still use this workbook?

Of course!

I am hoping teenager will  be motivated to spend time working in the workbook alongside any structured studies they do.

Is this planner right for us?

I don't think the planner is right for everyone. For example - here is some feedback I got from one of the review copies I sent out -

"I think what you have created is laid out well and straight forward to use. We enjoyed the imaginative sections. Unfortunately for us it didn't work. My 12 year old is on a singular mission to work in computers and found having to look at paperwork all too much. He never has been a diary person. Maybe a digital version in app form could be a way forward. Sorry!" 

So if your teenager knows what they want to do, or hates writing in books, then it probably won't be the right solution for you. 

Is it a hard-copy book? Will I recieve something in the mail?

Sorry no.

The ebook workbook from the homeschooling-ideas store is a PDF digital download only. A link will be sent to you so you can download them to your PC or tablet.

Are the ebooks interactive so I can use them on my PC?

I am sorry but the ebook is not interactive.

If you don't have a printer you could :

1. Have it printed at your local copy store or online sites like Mimeo (US), Fileprint (UK) or OfficeWorks (AUS)

2. Download to your tablet and use a pdf annotating app. Check out this blog post for details.

What does it mean - undated?

There is a monthly planner at the back of the book -  but the dates have been left blank so you can fill them in yourself.

Here is an example:

Teenage Planner Page Example

After having successfully made this planner available for 3 years, I wanted to change the format so that you can use your copy over and over again.

Now you can print out the ebook version of the planner every year and re-use - and also start it any month of the year.

Can I buy the workbook as a gift?

Yes you can :) Buy as many ebook copies as you would like. Email me the email address of your friends - and I will send them a gift email with a voucher for a gift copy of the workbook they can download.

Can I see some reviews?

I have had a look through and think it's wonderful, a really good idea. 

M. says it looks ok (for him that's high praise!) he said he may like to use it.

I think it hangs together well. I really liked the monthly bit - it helps to see things easily month to month.

- Jenny

January - December

Digital Version Only $12

buy now on etsy

As a parent, I thought the 'You Only Live Once' workbook and planner was great and echoed a lot of what I've been trying to encourage with my guys.

I especially liked the concept of ‘inputs and outputs’. This is something I try and talk about but I’ve been fluffing around with terms like ‘something constructive’ which tend to sound like I expect them to build something! Outputs is a much better word; it frees up the definition and communicates that anything they do has value. -Jane

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