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Want to try something different? Try this totally free curriculum!

Smorgasbord lesson plans introduce a new subject every week to expose your child to as wide a variety of subjects as possible.

When I am trying to explain homeschooling to people, I generally say that it allows you to provide a 'smorgasbord of learning' for your child. A smorgabord is a type of Scandinavian meal served buffet-style with multiple dishes of various foods on a table. So you have lots to choose from!

This year, I decided to create a free homeschool curriculum that really reflects this philosophy!

Homeschooling Curriculum

I make no claims at all about it - except that it is fun, and will introduce both you and your child to all sorts of learning experiences!
Smorgasboard free homeschool curriculum

In looking at homeschooling styles I have come to realise that we are not good at long, drawn-out projects. We get bored, or sidetracked, or both! So these lessons plans introduce new (totally random) subjects each week.

How it Works

The curriculum is broken into 36 weeks which you can divide into your 'school year' in any way you wish. How about 4 terms of 9 weeks, with 4 weeks break in-between.

Each week you focus on a totally different subject. There should be no anxiety about not finishing the week before - you have probably gained all you are going to get from it. So just move along!

We will focus entirely on that one subject each week - so I am hoping to get some depth as well as covering a large number of subjects.

Some of the subjects need a little more planning than others so I have noted that in the homeschool lesson plans. If you are having a busy or stressful week, then choose one of the easier subjects.

Click here for the Smorgasbord Homeschool Lesson Plans.

Curriculum Outcomes

I am looking each week to 'produce' something out of the lesson plans - and not just study for study sake. I am hoping this makes it more interesting - and makes record keeping easier.

One of the things I have also introduced is to ask the children to see if they can find a connection between each weeks subjects. We may have to work quite hard to find a connection but I would like to get them 'joining up' the unrelated knowledge they have.

I really did just choose the subjects at random! I am hoping to spark an interest in my children and encourage them to pursue things they enjoy themselves. Feel free to switch, reorganize or ignore my suggestions and write your own.

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Curriculum Lesson Plans

Weekly Smorgasbord Plans

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We spend the week before Christmas learning various Christmas traditions. Examples include the Christmas tree, St. Nicholas (Santa Clause), the candy …

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Lesson Plan: Shakespeare for Kids 
Even I have to agree that covering Shakespeare in a week for the Smorgasbord free homeschool curriculum is a bit of a challenge! The plan then, …

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