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Are you looking for some activities and resources that will encourage your children in their writing? There are lots of ideas available that you can take advantage of in your homeschooling.

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Children's Writing

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When my daughter developed an interest in fiction writing, I began to explore ways of developing her skill and encouraging her - and found lots of resources available that I wanted to share with you!

Here are some ways you can really explore homeschool writing.

Writing Activities

There are lots of homeschool writing ideas and activities on this site. Why not try these creative writing activities for kids for example.

Writing Contests for Kids

Even non-competitive children can enjoy entering writing competitions. It gives them a challenge and usually inspires them to try their hardest. Here are some contests that run especially for kids.

  • Young NanoWriMo - the Young National Novel Writing Month isn't so much a competition - rather a month long challenge to children to write a novel. But if they complete their word count in the month they receive a printed copy of their book. My daughter loved this and we recommend you give it a try. They also have a very good forum for chatting to other young writers.
  • Usborne Young Writers Award - the competition usually starts in March.
  • Manuscript Editing - list of writing contests (but not all are for children).
  • PrizeMagic Writing Competitions - mostly UK but some US ones.
  • The Betty Award - for children aged 8-12.
  • KinderArt - list of kids competitions.

Self Editing ecourseWould you like to help your children improve their fiction by 100%?

Self-Critique for Fiction Writers is an online course that will teach you and your child how to improve over 100 aspects in fiction writing.

Writing Magazines

There are several magazines both aimed at children writers - and ones that will publish kids writing.
  • Stone Soup - magazine featuring children's writing and art.
  • Cricket and CICADA - Two great magazines. In Cricket there are a monthly story, poetry, art, and photography contests which encourage readers to express their own creativity.
  • Skipping Stones - an international non-profit magazine that focuses on sharing children's cultures and perspectives from all over the world.
  • Creative Kids - a national voice for kids.
  • Child Publishing - list of magazines and places to publish.

Writing Programs for Kids

I was surprised to find that their are several free writing programs and courses on the internet. Not all of these are aimed specifically at kids, but worth taking a look.

Writing Groups

It is worth doing a google search on groups in your area that may accept your child - libraries often run kids writing groups. There are also some good online groups and forums that they can join.

I hope this gives you some homeschooling ideas on helping your children develop their writing skills. If I have missed any resources that you think should be mentioned, then do write a review and share with us.


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