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This is a sample of the homeschool weekly schedule I used when using the AmblesideOnline curriculum, but I think the general idea could be useful for any curriculum based schedule.

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At the beginning of each term I worked out, by week, which chapters of each book needed to be done.

I set up one spreadsheet for each child. (I think the example is for Year 2, term 2.) I could then see the whole term at a glance.

This was very useful with AmblesideOnline because some books are not covered every week. My term plan meant I could see in advance when they were coming up.

Example of Term Schedule

Homeschool Daily Schedule - term plan for Ambleside Online Curriculum

At first, I tried to use this plan for our daily sessions, but there wasn't enough detail to help me track what needed to be done. I didn't really want to schedule out exactly what we would do each day - I needed to be more flexible. I know that 'life' often gets in the way of my schedules - and sometimes we fall behind on a certain book.

Example of Homeschool Weekly Study Schedule

In the end I came up with a weekly checklist. I used a blank checklist that I filled in at the beginning of each week.

As well as our textbooks, I included other activities I wanted us to do as part of our homeschool daily schedule - such as nature walks and languages.

Homeschool Daily Schedule - daily checklist for Ambleside Online Curriculum

I printed off lots of forms so I didn't have to hunt for one. I also made sure that each form had lots of blank lines. That way if something new popped up - such as a new homeschool project idea, I could add it. I also found it useful to use the extra lines if one book had several chapters that needed to be covered that week (so that I could tick them off separately).

At the beginning of each week I filled out the checklist using both my term planner, and what had been left undone on the checklist from the week before. This gave me a good idea of where we were up to, and what I needed to get done. Each day I ticked off what we had done and I could see at a glance what was left.

This homeschool weekly schedule really helped me to keep on track with our homeschooling. It gave me just enough detail, without overwhelming me.

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