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Although we don't do a formal homeschooling math curriculum, we have been re-visiting our times tables the last few weeks (to be fair - I am the one who needs the practice!). Some of these resources are already on my site, but I thought it would be useful to pull them all together.

Homeschooling Math

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  • I have previously posted about The Multiplication Tables: Colouring Book Buy UK The children work out the answers to a multiplication table and use the answers to colour in a picture puzzle (and so reveal a hidden image). They have been fun, and there is a second multiplication book, and an addition one. You will find a full list at Tarquin Books. This would be a great addition to your homeschool math books.
  • Big Brainz have a multiplication PC game called Timez Attack. You can download a free trial version. Mine love it!
  • Maths is Fun has lots of tips and tricks for remembering your math times tables, and an online multiplication test (scroll right down to the bottom of the page).
  • Trigger Memory System have a program called Times Tales. I really like the sound of this, and would have bought it if I could have downloaded it! It works on visual mnemonics which is something we have used to learn some Italian words - and that did really work. 123Multiplication have cards that use the same system to teach times tables.
  • The Toymaker has a couple of times tables games for printing.
  • A plus Maths have some simple online math games
  • Mr. Martinis Classroom has a good 'fill in the blanks' online times table game.
Personally though, I have taken to cheating!!
  • Finger Multiplication (6 to 9s). This (by the way) is a great home education site, and worth a look around.

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