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One of the challenging things I find about homeschooling is finding interesting resources to use with the children.

I seek out ideas, puzzles and games that will help them learn in an interesting or fun way. We also sometimes use lapbooks, or books (both fiction and non-fiction) to help us understand a subject.

I have outlined my best finds on the pages listed below.

I use these materials in several ways – sometimes I pull several together as part of a unit study, but often these resources are just interesting on their own and I will strew them for the children to find.

Homeschooling Resources

Homeschooling Curriculums
Finding and choosing curriculums.
Ideas and Activities.
Inspiring activities to try!
Homeschool Worksheets.
Favourite worksheets and printables.
Homeschool Books.
Your guide to the best books
Homeschooling Information.
Home School Information.
Free Homeschooling Information.
The best freebies I can find.
Unit Studies.
Literature based unit studies.
Lapbook Resources.
Tips and Suppliers for Lapbooking.

Homeschool History.
Bringing history to life.
Studying around the world.
Learning the Times Table.
Teaching with Movies.
Great films to view.
Developing computer skills.
Home school Science.
Liven up your science curriculum.
Timeline Templates
Making timelines easy.
Free Educational Screensavers
Low-key learning.
Homeschool Planner
E-book on planning homeschool.
Educational Posters
Brighten up your classroom.
Free Podcasts
Get an education from your ipod.

Looking for Homechool Resources?

Are you struggling to find great resources to go with your homeschool project? Need some help?

Why not let me help you with it.

I started this website because I love searching for great books and resources I can use with my kids.

Tell me a little about your project, the age of your children, and the types of resources you are looking for. And I will see what I can find!

Other Project Resources:

Click below to see the questions about resources from other visitors to this site...

Homeschool Magazine for Girls 
14-year-old Ijana and 15-year-old Patricia, two homeschooled friends, realized that the girl magazines that they had read always seemed to talk about public …

Homeschool Resources - French Immersion 
Have you ever heard of someone taking their child out of French Immersion and trying to keep the French in even though they themselves do not speak the …

Homeschool Resources-Teaching Chinese (characters/ radicals) to 4 yr old 
I want to teach my 4 yr old Chinese characters without the using the old method of writing pages and pages (&pages) of the same character. Mom does …

Hi Julie, We have just started doing a topic on oceans. We couldn't believe our luck when we stumbled upon (or rather almost walked past) 2 basking …

Homeschool Books - The Living Tale Series Not rated yet
I saw in your homeschooling resources pages that you were looking for books on homeschoolers . Well, I am a homeschooling mother of 3 who recently …

Homeschool resource for making friends Not rated yet
Hi, I think your website looks really good. I have home schooled my daughter who is 12 for 3 years and was wondering if you would consider having …

Homeschool Resources - Christian books about homeschoolers Not rated yet
About ten years ago I came across a series of books in my local Christian bookstore. Unfortunately, I didn't take note of the author or title of the books. …

Click here to write your own.


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