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Got kids motivated by lego? Work it to your advantage with these unit study ideas and projects for homeschool.

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Four great ideas for using Lego in your homeschool projects.

Custom Lego Minifigs

My son has just discovered the joy of customizing lego minifigs - and I think you could turn this into some great homeschooling projects.

Minifigs are those tiny people you get in kits - there are lots of variations and colors. Customizing them is easy and fun - and you could easily do this for you current project or unit study. What about creating famous people or an army of WWII soldiers? Or creating characters from your current story book?

Lego Projects - minifigslego projects - minifigsLego Minifig ProjectsLego minifigs projects

There are lots of ways you can customize the minifig. You can use clay to make them helmets and accessories (see how to make clay) and either paint them, or use stickers to cover their bodies.

Resources :

Here is a video with some ideas for you to try :


So why not take your customizing of minifigs one step further, and make a vignette? This is a small scene that would capture the essence of something. There are lots of ways you could adapt this for all sorts of homeschooling projects.

lego projects
Photo courtesy of Profound Whatever

You could build tiny representations of your current homeschool unit study - up to large scale models of cities or fictional places. If you tried to be as accurate as possible, then I am sure that you would learn a lot!

Art and Paintings

One of our favorite lego projects is to recreate famous paintings - using lego! This is a great way to do a homeschooling art project.

Lego Warhol
Photo courtesy of Balakov
Lego Mondrian
Photo courtesy of Ryanrocketship

You could also try drawing a rectangle grid on your chosen painting and then build it up as a flat lego painting - a pixelated version. Paintings by Mondrian, Elsworth Kelly or Paul Klee would be good ones to start with.

If you want to get inspired with this, then these famous paintings recreated in lego by artist Marco Pece are a must see. They should give you lots of ideas!


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