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Most of us, at some point, need to sit down and make a home school schedule. Even if you have a fairly relaxed approach to homeschooling, planning how to schedule homeschool activities will help you to make the most of your homeschool day.

So what things do you need to think about, with this type of homeschooling schedule? And what would an example look like?

Examples of Daily Homeschool Schedule

Firstly, What type of homeschooler are you? Do you like everything 'just so', or are your days more relaxed?

"We have a very loosely organized schedule.

Morning time is for breakfast, dressing, and indoor household chores. Afternoon begins with lunch (naturally) and is for outdoor play and chores. We snug in more traditional lessons when the weather isn't nice in the afternoon. Evening time begins with story time, then dinner and family chat followed by more reading and then bedtime.

We have two daughters, ages 7 (nearly 8!) and 3 and this loose schedule seems to work out for everyone involved"
Sarah, USA

On days when we are not seeing friends, or on homeschooling field trips, we tend to follow a relaxed structure. In our typical homeschool day we tend to do most of our learning in the morning. I change our schedule around to keep things fresh, but generally I just use a checklist to keep us on track.

Daily Homeschool Schedule - planning with post-it notes
Photo courtesy of Peter Kaminski
If you are looking for more structure to your day, then think about the following;

  • Are your days going to be the same every day, or will you change the schedule according to the day? Emma's homeschooling schedule covers core subjects each day (math, bible etc.) - with some variations for subjects such as music, languages and art.
  • Are you able to plan the work ahead precisely - such as when using a curriculum? With my example homeschool weekly schedule, I planned out the entire term - but used a weekly checklist to plan my daily homeschool schedule. This give me plenty of flexibility during the week to work around other commitments - but still kept me on track overall.

  • Decide which subjects you will study, and how long to spend on each subject. This may vary from a few minutes for preschoolers (the one hour homeschool schedule may work well), to an hour (or so) per subject for high school students. It works well to try to plan using post-it notes or index cards at first - it is easier to change things around.
  • Remember to avoid scheduling 'busy work'. Make sure you only schedule work that will really contribute to your child's education - don't ask them to complete worksheets just to keep them busy.
  • Different schedules have worked well for us at different times. The key is to keep flexible, and enjoy your homeschooling.

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