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One Hour Homeschooling is quick and fun - and you get the rest of the day to play! This easy schedule is great for when the rest of 'life' is getting in the way of your homeschooling - and perfect for summertime.

I have example homeschool schedules for One Hour Homeschooling below. 

This should give you a feel for the type of subjects you can cover. And how to pull this type of schedule together. It is very adaptable to all ages and types of homeschooling.

Oh, and did I mention it is a really fun schedule!

Before we start you are probably wondering whether a one hour schedule will work? It seems such a small amount of time!

Don't think it will work? Here is my answer to the question can a one hour homeschooling schedule be effective?.

One hour homeschooling schedule.
I choose to cover 6 subjects for 10 minutes each - one quick hour of homeschooling, then on to other things. It may not sound like much, but you will be surprised about how much a regular 10 minutes of a subject adds up.

Schedule Ideas

  • Maths -
    • have some ten minute maths worksheets ready. A good place to find some is The Math worksheet site - remember to print out a several days worth. We also like to use one of these free home school printables -these sometimes take my younger child longer than ten minutes so he gets to practice using a calculator!
  • Languages -
    • this would be a good time to play a language game, or look over some flashcards. See how many new words you can learn each day.
  • Art -
    • Drawing or painting (but have the materials ready). Either work on the same picture for 10 minutes each day (watercolours are good for this), or try drawing the same picture each day (an animal?) but with a 'focus' word (small, angry, red, funny, invisible). If you are feeling really desperate, then just have some coloring pages ready.
  • Working in a Journal or Homeschool Ideas Daybook -
  • Exercise
    • A quick burst of activity. Try skipping or dancing - or learning to juggle! This is a good one to put in just before the last activity - to keep everyone interested!
  • History and homeschool geography -
    • one possible way to cover these in 10 minutes is by doing quizzes. I set things up like Mastermind - each child rushes to the chair and answers three questions - then it is the next child's turn. I usually just make up questions based on what we have been doing, but you may like to use a quiz book.
  • Science -
    • OK - I have to be feeling brave to attempt this in 10 minutes, but its a good use of those 101 science experiments for kids books you see everywhere.
  • Story time -
    • Read 10 minutes of your current read-aloud book. If you need some reading ideas see the books page.
  • Educational PC Game -
  • Watch some free educational videos or a DVD
  • Music practice

  • I often pick several of the subjects and work them in rotation during the week. We have found this a fun schedule when the pressure is on.

    I do think this schedule would work for high school aged homeschoolers too! Especially if you are deschooling but feel like you need to be 'doing something'!

    Because older children can concentrate for longer, then I would suggest doing 2 half-hour sessions rather than the shorter 10 minute ones. You could alternate subjects each day. Maybe Math and English one day, then History and Geography the next for example.

    Homeschool Schedules If you are interested in other viewpoints about homeschool schedules, then Paula Cleary has written an interesting article Learning must take place 9-3, Monday to Friday in Term-time!.

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