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It is easy to have fun when you are homeschooling. Try my 10 creative ideas for homeschool success.

Having Fun In Homeschooling

Homeschooling doesn't have to be a drag. If you feel like screaming at your curriculum, and the kids are bored to tears - it is time to get creative! Try these 10 ideas to inspire you.

  1. Get creative. Ditch the curriculum for a time and try some new ideas. This website is all about great projects and creative activities you can use in your homeschool. Click the button below now to get inspired!

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  2. Do some strewing. Strewing is a very clever way of opening up your homeschool to more possibilities - and helps your children become more self-sufficient about learning. Find out more about Strewing.
  3. Try lapbooking. Lapbooks are a great way of learning - and can be adapted to fit your current curriculum. Give Lapbooking a try.
  4. Take advantage of Field Trips. Field trips are perfect for giving everyone a break - and getting a fresh perspective on what you are learning. Get my Tips for homeschooling field trips.
  5. Deschool. If you have all really had enough, you may need to take some time to deschool and rediscover your love of learning. As one of my readers says - Even Homeschoolers may need to deschool.
  6. Learn to ignite a love of learning in your children. Take some time to figure out how to help your children love learning. Learn how to homeschool this way in 3 easy steps.
  7. Check your schedule. Are you doing too much? Homeschool doesn't have to take all day. Even one hour of homeschooling can be effective.
  8. Avoid Burnout. It isn't much fun homeschooling when everyone is burnt out. Beat homeschool burnout to give yourself a fighting chance.
  9. Follow your child's interests. Children soak up information about the things they are interested in. Why not ask them what they want to learn about?
  10. Adapt to your homeschool learning styles. Adapting to your childs learning style will help - but don't forget to take YOUR homeschooling styles into account too.

I hope these fun homeschooling ideas get you inspired! If you would like a regular input of ideas, why not sign up for my monthly newsletter!

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