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To stop or not to stop? That is the question... that many homeschoolers face at summer vacation!

It could be argued that you can't stop children from learning - but you can take a break from your normal homeschooling schedule. They say a change is a good as a rest!

Summer Schedules

Summer vacation is the perfect time to explore new homeschooling options and methods. Why not try a new schedule over the summer. You don't have to keep it if you don't like it - but you will probably gain much insight into how to make your homeschool work better (and be more fun).

How about :

  • A One Hour Homeshchool Schedule - study for one hour then have the rest of the day to play!

  • Timeout - an oasis of productivity each day.

  • Workpockets - A brilliant system for organizing homeschool work and activities.

  • Lapbooking - Not a schedule, but a fun method perfect for summer homeschool.

  • If you normally have a heavy schedule and are suffering from homeschool burnout, then a break is probably exactly what you all need. Let it all hang out and replenish you enthusiasm for life. It may feel weird to slow down - but you are going to need the energy for next term.

    If you are just starting to homeschool, then now is the perfect time to do a little deschooling. Shake up your ideas about what education is – and how less is sometimes more. If you need some inspiration then read Jenny's deschooling story.

    It you don't want a schedule at all, but still want to make the most of the summer - then try the ideas in my homeschool planner ebook. They will help you to feel more organized without restricting you. Make a list of the summer activities for kids that you would like to try, and apply the principles in the book.


    So what about you? What are your family plans for the summer? Do you take a break from homeschooling in the summer, or is it just another ebb and flow to your homeschool year? Please share your schedules, experiences, ideas, and suggestions.

    What are you going to do over the summer?

    Have you got a great summer homeschool schedule to share? Are you going to chill out - or keep going?

    Why not share your summer schedule, experiences or questions here?

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