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It is easy to choose activities in your homeschooling that are both educational and fun!

Here is the place to get inspired - and to help inspire others!

This site is dedicated to bringing you my best homeschooling ideas and activities - and I wanted a place where you could share your favorite activities too.

So grab a coffee, settle down and take a look at all the wonderful things you could be doing in your homeschool.

Activities for Homeschooling

  • Homeschooling Ideas and Activities
    Get some fresh and interesting activity ideas to try as part of your homeschooling.
  • Top 10 Fun homeschooling Ideas
    10 creative ideas for homeschool success.
  • 100 Family Fun Activities for children and parents
    The ultimate list of fun and educational activities.
  • Homeschooling Field Trips
    If you think you need to get out and about a bit more, then why not organise some field trips?
  • Homeschooling Ideas Visitor Pages
    Share and share alike! Here are some activity ideas sent by my readers.
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    Creative Writing and Storytelling for Kids 
    As you know I am not a homeschooling mum but an English teacher in a french school, but I love your ideas and do use them in class so I'd like to share …

    Baby Think It Over Project for Homeschooled Teens (Teen Pregnancy Prevention) 
    After our family and a few of the other local homeschool group families did this project, they told me to widely share the information with other homeschoolers. …

    The Flower of Remembrance Worksheet 
    The Flower of Remembrance In Flanders Fields By John McCrae In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our …

    High School Chemistry Projects for Homeschool 
    Looking for chemistry projects? Here is a great experiment on smelting metals from John Kreiger. Click here for more science experiments for kids from …

    Homeschooling Geography - Go There Yourself! 
    Learning about a country or state or continent and you are dying to know what it feels like to be there? Go there by researching on it and what …

    "Split Second" and "Mad Minute Math" Games 
    We play a speed game called "Split Second" using math flash cards. (Note to reader: We play this game on the weekends or during a time when regular …

    Kids Bible Study Idea - Hidden Word Heart 
    We made a large pocket in the shape of a heart and decorated it. On the front of the heart we put the scripture "I have hidden your word in my heart". …

    Dinosaur Activities for Kids 
    Our Dinosaur Discovery I wanted to share with you my dinosaur activities for kids because we’ve all got so much from it. We have made a huge …

    Basic Graphing and the Number Line Math Game 
    We play a fun game involving basic graphing and the number line . It has helped my 1st grader understand positive and negative numbers, x and y coordinates, …

    Take Close-Up Pictures without a Camera? 
    Yes, you can take pictures without a camera! And you may already have the tools to do it. The flatbed photo scanner you use to scan and …

    Seasonal Puppet Show Not rated yet
    This puppet show was inspired by an idea I read about on this website - The seasonal tree . My son Archie and I had great fun making leaves and …

    Homeschool Field Trips - A Visit to Our Local TV Station Not rated yet
    A few months ago, I thought it would be fun to see how a TV station operates behind the scenes. After finding the contact number on the TV station's web …

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