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English From the Roots Up Review

In our quest for all things Greek(!) I came across a program called English from the Roots Up. It looked a good way of doing some homeschooling english.

Homeschooling English

Joegil Lundquist's book and word cards teach children Latin and Greek root words as a way of understanding the system by which many English words are composed. A quote from the introduction of the book says “Why do we put off until it is almost too late, or never provide the opportunity to cultivate understanding of the vivid, active imagery that confers power in the use of our language?”

Latin and Greek Root Words

I was intriqued. I ordered the the cards! They come in a small box, each (of the 100 cards) numbered so you can work through them in order. The greek root word cards are coloured green, and the latin in red - so you can see immediately which is which. Our first word is Photos - on the back is the meaning of the word (light) and several words that use this root : photograph - (graph=write,draw) - picture drawn by light.

So far we have been looking at one word per day. I am not sure how we will continue with this - I don’t know if the book would give more guidance on using the cards. At the moment we are enjoying them because they are interesting and fit with what we are learning. I think on the whole it has made us more interested in words - and it has given us a greater understanding of english.

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