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During the second world war, air crews often carried fountain pens that were really survival kits. Inside the pens were pep pills, a compass, a map, and other small items you might need to survive. 

Homeschooling Ideas - Fountain Pen survival kit

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As part of our world war II project, we made our own survival kit. This would be a great idea to use for homeschooling boys! I couldn't get an old fountain pen so we used a long tube (that held cinnamon sticks) but you could use a matchbox or other small box. An old tobacco tin is ideal, if you can get hold of one.

We had a lot of fun thinking of what we may need in case of emergency. What would be the most useful things to have on you day to day, or out in the wilderness? My children got to carrying their kit with them - which has been very useful on occasion!

Here are some ideas of things to put inside -

  • tin foil - to flash signals
  • matches and a small birthday candle - or a tiny torch
  • a small compass - or magnetise a pin by stroking it with a magnet, always moving the same end of the magnet the same way along the pin. The pin will always point north when floated in water.
  • A safety pin.
  • Band-aid (incase of injury!).
  • Money.
  • Tweezers.
  • A packet of sugar for energy (or a few small sweets).

  • And if you are feeling brave (or have older children) -

  • cotton wool for lighting fires (we have found that this is a great substance for getting fires going!).
  • pen knife.
  • water purification tablets.
  • rabbit snare or fish hook.

  • We had a lot of fun collecting items, and making our survival kits. This is a really great way to bring a little homeschool history to life!
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