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Looking for some kids riddles with answers?

Try these printable pages of funny riddles for some homeschooling fun. A great way to get your child's brain working harder!

This type of puzzle are a great way to get kids to see things in an unusual way. They help to stretch a child's imagination and get them thinking harder about things. What could be better in a homeschooling environment?

Your children probably won't know the answers at first - but repetition is a fun way to learn. And usually encourages them to start making up their own versions :)

Printable Riddles for Kids

We like to use them in the same way we use Kids Trivia Quiz Questions - in a jar to share over cookies! They are also great for travelling in the car, or standing in queues. Try taking them with you when you are out and about, to fill in a quiet moment. Homeschooling on the go!

Or use them for strewing and see if the children take the bait.

Here are some of our favourites - just click on the links to see the pages.

Page 1 Riddles
1 - With answers

Page 2 Riddles
2 - With answers

Page 3 Riddles
3 - With answers

Page 4 Riddles
4 - With answers

Enjoy! I hope you all have some fun homeschooling with these printables.


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