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Punctuation Worksheet 1

  1. It is my birthday in June. I would like a book by Charles Dickens.
  2. Do you know what time it is? I have to go soon.
  3. Does your train leave before eight o'clock?
  4. I like dogs, cats, horses and elephants.
  5. How do I get to the library in Washington?

Punctuation Worksheet 2

  1. He told me the dog was a dalmation.
  2. My uncle drives a silver BMW.
  3. Did she say her name was Lucy or Jane?
  4. I like to cook. I like to make cake, bread and pie.
  5. In London I saw Jack, John and Fred.

note - In this case uncle has lower case, but it would be upper case if you were talking about a specific person (such as Uncle Fred).

Punctuation Worksheet 3

  1. My sister is called Susan. She was born in May.
  2. Friday is my favourite day of the week.
  3. When is Fred going to play baseball?
  4. We went to New York to do some shopping.
  5. I live in John Street in Norwich, England.

note - In this case street has a capital because we are talking about a specific street. We would use lower case if it was general (such as 'I was walking down the street').

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