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What are the problems and benefits of homeschool?

Here is a quick guide to homeschooling cons and pros.

Homeschooling Negatives

  1. Socialization - some children can be isolated.

  2. Reduced income - generally one parent has to give up work.

  3. Exams can be harder to organize.

  4. With your child all the time.

  5. Child could be indoctrinated.

  6. Full responsiblity for child's education - it is totally up to the parents to make it work.

  7. Team sports may be more difficult.

  8. Constantly required to justify your decision.

  9. May need to juggle different age groups.

  10. Have to still cope with the child's education during emergencies.

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  1. Socialization - children can choose friends that suit them.

  2. Freedom from peer pressure.

  3. Education matched to child.

  4. Flexible scheduling.

  5. Able to instil family values.

  6. Testing to suit family philosophy.

  7. More time spent together as a family.

  8. More relaxed - no queueing outside classrooms or school runs.

  9. 1 on 1(ish)attention to child.

  10. Curriculum can be extended over standard one.

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