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So what are the pros of homeschooling? What benefits can you expect to see?

I have broken the list into 3 parts - Social, Educational and Lifestyle benefits, because the pros of homeschooling span more than just education. All three of these areas deserve consideration! 

Let's take a look at them in turn.

Social Advantages

  1. Socialization - I know this is usually touted as one of the disadvantages of homeschooling, but homeschooling gives children the freedom to choose friends that really suit them. Children are able to relax and be themselves with friends they like.
  2. Read more about homeschooling socialization

  3. Freedom from peer pressure - "School is all about fitting in and not being different from everyone else." JV said when we discussed homeschooling pros and cons. A lot of this is eliminated when you start homeschooling.
  4. Able to instil family values - children can learn their morals and values from you - and not from some kid at school!
  5. More involved in the community - far from being hidden away at home, homeschoolers tend to be out and about in the community a lot of the time. This teaches children to interact with people of all ages and backgrounds - a valuable life experience.
  6. Educational Advantages

  7. Flexibility - Homeschoolers can take advantage of many different educational methods - and mix and match to suit different subjects.
  8. Able to use appropriate learning styles to match the child.
  9. Ability to match the education to the child - homeschoolers can allow a child to work at the level that suits them.
  10. More individual attention - the largest homeschool families are still usually smaller than today's classroom sizes.
  11. More relaxed - schedules can be flexible, and because of the individual attention, don't need to be as long as a school day.
  12. Ability to pursue enthusiasms - children can study what they are interested in which makes learning more fun and effective.
  13. Testing to suit parents philosophy.
  14. Can extend curriculum outside the standard one used in schools.
  15. It is easy to replicate school activities and provide a rich environment for your child.
  16. No homework! Some homeschool children told me this was important when discussing the advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling.
  17. Interesting field trips that can be tailored to suit the child and the subject being studied.
  18. Less learning distractions for your 'students' than in traditional classroom
  19. Homeschool teachers can take the time to explain things fully - or skip things the child clearly understands.
  20. No busywork - a lot of schoolwork is just to keep the children busy. This can be eliminated in a homeschool setting.
  21. More opportunities for informal learning - questions, chats, being involved in day to day activities are marvellous learning situations. Take a look at some of the projects we have done.
  22. Lifestyle Advantages

  23. Flexibility - One of the advantages to homeschooling is how flexible it can be. Learning becomes part and parcel of your whole life, and this gives you an amazing freedom. Take a look at our homeschool day.
  24. More relaxed - no more school runs, no more searching for lost homework. Everything becomes more relaxed - meal times included.
  25. More family time - spending time with my family is one of the greatest advantages to homeschooling as I see it.
  26. Ability to pursue enthusiasms - not just an educational benefit, homeschooling seems to give the whole family time and space to pursue things they love to do.
  27. Less sedentry - not tied to a desk all day, homeschool children have more freedom to run and play.


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Deciding whether to homeschool?
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