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How do you do your homeschool scheduling? We follow my free homeschool curriculum that follows a random selection of ideas.

But how about following an A-Z homeschooling schedule?

Sometimes, looking at different homeschooling information can make you feel you will never fit everything into your homeschool schedule. But there are lots of creative ways you can make your schedule work for you.

And here is a case in point! Really - here is an idea to use a letter of the alphabet each week from one of my readers.

A to Z Homeschooling Information

I recently got an email from Jenny in Australia. She says:

    "With so many great ideas on your website (and others) my head swims with what to do when, so I came up with a great way (for me anyway!) of alphabetizing what we do on a weekly basis.

    In other words I pick a letter and use any ideas or subjects that start with that letter.

    Last week I picked ideas or subjects beginning with 'A' (such as finding as many countries starting with 'A', acronyms - we made them up using letters from words to learn or our names - very funny! anagrams and art). Your Google art project link from your newsletter was brilliant for our art topic last week. I took us all on a virtual tour of the Vincent van Gogh museum in Amsterdam - how cool is that! Of course the kids were fascinated with the story of how he came to chop part of his left ear off (and what he did with it after-wards!!!)

    This week was the letter 'B' so we did some baking (yum!) learned all about bacteria (not so yum!) and found out about Beethoven (amongst other things).

    I'm finding it so much easier to pick things on a weekly basis; well it's working fine for now anyway. I'm hoping you'll find something for us to do with the letters X and Z!!! Quite a challenge I think!"

I think this is a great idea - and really, why not give it a try!

A to Z Homeschooling

Think of the variety of unusual and interesting subjects you would get through using this method. Homeschooling should be about taking a wider view on the world and the depth of subjects available to you.

I think we do this to some extent with younger children anyway when we introduce a new letter of the alphabet to them every week. This idea would take that further and keep your projects moving forward. And of course, if you all got really interested in a particular subject, then you could take some time out to explore it further.

I would also take some time to find some books starting with the letter of the week and try to include sections of them in your studies. How about Alvin's Secret Code or Around the World in 80 Days for A. A Picture Perfect Childhood

has an A-Z list of picture books on page 127 (and I thorougly recommend this book to all homeschoolers regardless of the age of their children).

If you are stuck for ideas about projects for a letter then look through my homeschool activities or my list of homeschool subjects

Oh! And those difficult letters? How about x-rays, xylophones, zoology and zoetropes!


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Wondering how to really get started with homeschooling? Here is my advice on how to start homeschooling your child.

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