Christmas Traditions

by Robin (SQD)
(Johnston, SC, USA)

We spend the week before Christmas learning various Christmas traditions.

Examples include the Christmas tree, St. Nicholas (Santa Clause), the candy cane... there are literally tons of traditions. Choose one to research/read about/ explore each day. Read a fun story (library find, internet, etc) about the tradition for the day. And end the day making a model (of a tree, candy cane, etc) or a coloring sheet or a painting/drawing etc.

Another fun and productive twist would be to make a small gift each day. (A child's toy, put together a learning packet of some sort, any inexpensive idea will do.) Read about Christmas traditions in other countries (one country each day). At the end of the week, take all the little gifts and donate to local charity collecting for underprivileged kids. (We try to do this every year even though we are often maxed out ourselves. It's a reminder to our children that others might not have as much as we do.) The local department of social services is always happy to receive donations. Our local department will even give you the name and age of a child in need. Oh, and they have elderly citizens on the list, too.


Thanks for sharing Robin. Great Smorgasbord ideas.

We often make small toys for our toy drops, so this is a great use for them.

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