Creative Writing Activities

One fun creative writing activity is to choose your favorite fictional character and write about their animal counterpart!

We got talking one day about which breeds of dog our favorite book characters would be! We created about 20 'dog versions' of characters which became a creative writing project.

Creative writing Activities

How to Start..

First choose your favorite characters - from books, movies or TV shows. We picked fictional characters - but you could use celebrities or people from history - whatever fits in with your current project.

Next - decide which animal they would be! We stuck to dogs, but how about types of horse, or jungle animals? Or how about types of car - or musical instrument?

We made some picture cards of our doggy characters - just paste the animal or object onto a card and write the character's name underneath!

Writing Activities

Now the fun part! You can use your cards for lots of writing activities.

  • Descriptive writing - write about why you chose the animal or object to represent that character. What qualities made you think of that animal?
  • Characterization - what would your character be like in their new form? How would they act, or think? What would they eat. How would they live?
  • Writing prompts - pick a card at random and write a short story including your 'new' character. What adventures would they have?
  • Persuasive writing - how would you convince your character to take on their new form? 
  • Creative writing - Rewrite the book or movie that your character belongs in - using your new characterization. How would the story be different?
  • Informative writing - write a newspaper article or blog post about how your character has turned into their new form. What would your character say about the change if you interviewed them?

Creative Writing Activities

I am sure you will think of lots of other ways to use your cards too. Why not turn them into a card game?

This project works really well for high school homeschooling students!

As well as the writing activities themselves  why not use the opportunity to look at the differences and similarities between the words :

  • personification
  • animalification
  • anthropomorphism
  • zoomorphism
  • therianthropy

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