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Free curriculums are a great way to start homeschooling

If you are at the beginning of homeschooling in particular, I recommend you start with a free program.

You can really get a feel for what you like, and dislike about a curriculum before investing in an expensive package.

Free homeschool curriculum are a great way to avoid an expensive mistake - and doesn't mean you have to compromise with quality. There are some wonderfully comprehensive programs available at no cost. 

Here are some of the ones recommended by my readers.

Free Homeschool Curriculums

  • Ambleside Online
    A comprehensive curriculum available free online. The program follows the teaching of Charlotte Mason and includes weekly schedules for different ages. Worth a visit just to look at the book list.

  • Easy Peasy All in One.
    A complete, free online homeschool curriculum. The high school curriculum is here.

    I recently asked my Facebook Fans about this. Check out the comments for their feedback.

  • Mater Amabilis
    A free online Catholic Charlotte Mason curriculum. Again, it is worth checking out the book list.

  • Online Public Schools
    Many states provide a no-cost online public school such as K12 or Connections Academy. The link will let you search for your state so you can see what is available.

  • Elementary Life Sciences

    Lovely life science curriculum available for download. Mr. Q has lots more science curriculum if you like the free one.

  • World of Warcraft

    This was set up as an after school curriculum to teach students at the middle and/or high school level. This program uses the game, World of Warcraft, as a focal point for exploring Writing/Literacy, Mathematics, Digital Citizenship, Online Safety, and would have numerous projects/lessons intended to develop 21st-Century skills. Because of the success of the first year's implementation as an after school program, the program is now being implemented as a language arts elective for middle schoolers designed to provide enrichment for students at all levels. The download is on the right hand side of the screen.

  • Great Minds Math Curriculum

    Great Minds provides over 20,000 free pages of their math curriculum, including: sequenced lessons, formative assessments, and integrated PD. 

    Smorgasbord Curriculum

    Smorgasbord Free homeschool curriculum

    Are you looking for a creative and interesting curriculum?

    I invented the Smorgasbord lesson plans to engage and interest my children in the widest possible range of subjects. Check out my free homeschool curriculum and homeschool lesson plans to see if it would suit your family.

    More Freebies

    Sometimes a curriculum can't provide you with what you need for your homeschool. Why not try these other free resources too.
  • Homeschool Activities and Ideas
    Lots of great educational activities to use in your homeschooling.

  • Free Homeschooling
    My directory of resources and freebies.

  • Homeschool Worksheets
    Links to the best worksheets available.

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    Free Homeschooling Curriculum

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    Free Homeschool Curriculum