Help! How can I convince my parents to Homeschool me?

by Sarah
( San Jose Costa Rica )

I want to be homeschooled but my parents won't let me.

I live in costa rica in central america and my father is an expat. I have no problems with bullies at school or any of the sort but I just feel like school is not right for me. I spend hours and hours studying and fuzzing over getting good grades for my mother to be proud but I have told her that I want to be home schooled but she comes up with the same excuses that I don't know what homeschooling is really like and that i'll become anti social and things like that.

For 3 years I was miserable in school and my parents wouldn't home school me so I don't know what to do. I have friends now but I still don't feel right. i keep telling her that I will never know if I don't try it but the answer is still no. I have even researched everything but she won't change her mind.

I'm currently in 8th grade but I can't take it anymore!

I want to spend time developing my other interests such as riding, playing the piano and acting but I can't since I'm stuck at school all day and get to my house at 4 only to start with homework and ridiculous projects that will have no good impact in my future.

Please help me I really want to be homeschooled!!!


Hi Sarah,
Your parents are doing the best they can for you.

They want you to get a good education so you can get a good job - and they believe that school is the best place to help you with that. You may believe that riding, playing the piano and acting is a better use of your time - but I don't think they will see it that way. Especially if they don't understand a lot about the way homeschooling works.

My advice would be to figure out what they want for you. Do they think you need to pass your exams at a certain level? Then you need to show them that you can achieve those things equally well from home.

Do you come home from school and moan about having to do your homework? Or are you showing them that you can be an independent and self-reliant student by doing what needs to be done quickly and well. Have you researched ways to learn better and faster - such as mind maps? Are you organized in how you approach your work? All these things will show your parents that you have taken responsibility for your own education - and can be trusted to do what needs doing.

I suggest you write out your academic plans for being homeschooled - with an action guide for how you intend to accomplish it. What resources and books would you need? What extra help might be needed? How would you take the exams they want you to take? By all means, ask them to help you with this. Tell them you are preparing an educational plan to show them how much you can achieve by being homeschooled.

Include a list of reasons why you want to leave school - and how you think homeschool can benefit your education. I would also add a list of books that you recommend they read - and a list of homeschool groups in your area. Put your plan into a folder and ask to go through it with them.

If they are still saying no, then get them to be specific about why - and then try to reassure them on each point. You could also suggest a trial run - maybe over the school holidays. Or ask if they would be prepared to meet up with some other homeschooling parents.

At the end of the day it is their decision. And they have only your best interests at heart.

But regardless of whether you attend school or not - in your head you can be homeschooled. Take responsibility for your education and life - and use the resources available to you (including a teacher and classroom if that is what is available).

Good luck, and best wishes, Julie.

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