Help Me. Homeschooling Stress in AZ

by Queen l.Boror

I am home schooling my son. He is 9.

My sister is helping me, however she took what I had in place and said he needed a curriculum, which is OK. However it is not working liking she planned. I am good at teaching my son but bad at knowing how to draw the line with my sister.

It has made it hard for my son. He has two people telling him "it should go like this, no like this". I am restless because I feel like I have lost control of what's best for my son.

I want help not for her to take over. On days she is not here is like he is lost and does not want to work because my teaching style is not so hard core. Plz help me, I am stressed in AZ.


Oh dear!
You are really going to have to talk to your sister.

I would first plan out how you want your homeschooling to work. Make a plan or a schedule that would work for you and your son - or get out your old one. If you are a relaxed homeschooler then write out your philosophy instead (a statement about your beliefs about learning and homeschooling). I think if you write it all out then that will help you when it comes to dealing with your sister - it will seem more official!

You also need to be totally clear about exactly what you want your sister to do with your son on the days she has him. She may have wanted a curriculum because she wasn't sure what she needed to be doing, and a curriculum makes it easy for her to feel like she is doing something. Does she understand the different ways that homeschooling works? Maybe you could recommend her some books or websites that will show her how a more relaxed way of homeschooling works.

Talk to your son. He may have some ideas about how to work the situation out.

You said 'it is not working like she planed' so your sister probably feels the same as you and will be relieved when you bring up the subject. You need to take charge, for your sons sake.

Have you got an idea to help? Please leave a comment.

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Homeschooling Stress
by: Lori D.

I agree you definately need to discuss this with your sister and your son - you are a team and need to work this out.

It sounds like you each have your own teaching style - but what about your son's learning style? This is the key - it is HIS education! What works for him?!

Another suggestion I have is you and your sister could teach different topics in each your own way - choose the ones that are important to you and important to you on how you teach them. For example if your sister really wants to teach science let her teach science the way she wants to teach it and you teach language arts the way you want to teach it. Your son must agree to this format though in order for it to work.

If this is your first year please know that it's common to "work the kinks" out of teaching/learning styles, etc. It's just part of the process. It will get easier as you find what will work in this situation (the good news is you already know what isn't working).

Best of luck - stay in touch and let us know how you work it out.

You are in the drivers seat!
by: Edna

I would recommend gently letting your sister know that you have other plans. Perhaps you can explain to her that his learning style is different. I homeschool my son because he has special needs. Does this situation fit for your family?

We are in AZ too. I would recommend getting plugged in to a homeschool support group in your area. They are a wealth of information....

As far as curriculum....this journey is yours. You can make it what you and your son want it to be. We don't use a specific curriculum for a couple of reasons: 1) expense and 2) I have right brain learners and most curriculum is set up for left brain learners.

Only you know what is best for your son. Let your sister rule her own roost.

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