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I have 5 children - (1st), a 10 years old daughter, (2nd)a 6 years old daughter, (3rd/4th)a pair of twins (age 5) and (5th) a 19 months old baby boy.

My 1st daughter is doing very good in her studies, but my 2nd (now in kinder), she seems not interested in study..since her very young age, she was encouraged by her daddy in problem is, she has told me that she only like to draw and color..she doesn't want to study those ABC..but incredibly, she's doing well in Maths...this really puzzled me in how to make her love to learn the ABC..she knew the words..but when it comes to read..she looked confused..(i'm afraid she might having the learning difficulties problem).

As for the twins, both showing the same problems with my 2nd daughter..drawing, coloring...

Please help me to help them, I'm SO TERRIFIED!!



No need to be terrified! It sounds like you and your husband are doing a fantastic job. Your daughter sounds like a lovely bright child who knows her own mind! She prefers drawing and coloring to learning her alphabet, and I don't blame her one bit ;)

You know, a recent study has shown that children that learn to read after 7 are at the same reading age at 11 as children who learn to read at 5. My daughter did not learn to read until she was nearly 10 and I can tell you that I was terrified - but I knew that she would do it in her own way and her own time. And of course she did - as will your daughter.

If she is resisting doing her alphabet then I would take a break from it and concentrate on the things she enjoys instead. Give it a few months and then try again. In the meantime, make sure you read to her lots, let her look at picture books, point out road signs - and let her see you do lots of reading and writing yourself.

Encourage her (and the twins) in their drawing. Drawing develops dexterity and is very good for their brain development.

If you are still worried, then find fun coloring books that include the alphabet, like this one or this one. Tell them that real artists always sign their names on their works - and wouldn't they like to learn how to do that too? Get them to draw their five favorite things and write the names next to each picture. And the Draw Write Now books might be good for her too.

So please don't worry. Your family are still all very young and you have lots of time. Just enjoy them and have fun - and they will be reading and writing before you know it.

best wishes, Julie.

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Don't worry
by: Anonymous

Just an encouraging word. I have 3 boys. 10, and twins age 8. My 10 year old hated everything about reading. Matter of face all of them did. I thought for sure I was doing something wrong. I was encouraged by a mentoring mom. She told me to continue to read aloud to them. Find different ways to teach reading. Some kids love flashcards. Some love to draw the ABCs. God has made all children different. God obviously has given your daughter the gift of drawing and art. Maybe this is what she will do with her life is be a graphic designer/art or maybe she will be drawing painting that sell for thousands of dollars. All that said, my 10 year old has just decided he likes reading mystery books and thats all he wants to do is read. Here for all these years I've stressed out for nothing. I've forced him to read things he had no interest in, and he never even tried. He would rather do math. I think you are doing a terrific job! Don't let the enemy bring you down on yourself and make you worry! He's in control!

Try drawing stories
by: Colleen

My daughter used to hate writing homework, but she loved telling stories. So, we finally figured out to connect the two- if she told a story, then she wanted to write it down. All of a sudden, writing was fun and something she wanted to get better at. Perhaps if your little one makes up a story and illustrates it (tie in that love of coloring), in time she'll want to add her words to it also.
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