Homeschooling a preschooler

by K.

I am considering homeschooling.

I have a daughter that is almost 3 and talks up a storm. She is ready to learn. The doctors tell me she is extremely spirited. And they stress sprited!

My life with her is very scheduled. It has to be because she doesn't do well with change. Even now I know the change in time is getting ready to happen in a few weeks and we are working on it 15 minues early to bed extra every week to get adjusted to the time.

Do you have any suggestions for me to get her started or should I just do activities??

Thank you for your time and God Bless.

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Take your time and try things out.
by: Julie

Ha! Yes - she sounds a lot like my daughter at that age! I remember having to put her socks on over and over again until I got it 'right' because she couldn't bear them to be on 'wrong'. I read a good book at the time - I wish I could remember definitely what it was, but I THINK it might have been 'Raising your Spirited Child' by Mary Sheedy Kircinka. Have you come across it?

Re homeschooling, I think you could try out different things and see how they go. I am sure your daughter will have her own opinions about it!

What does she like doing? What would she think would be fun? I think activities at that age are wonderful - almost everything is educational when you are 3! Baking cakes, pottering in the garden, looking for bugs - it is all new and exiting.

But you know her best - do you think she would like to learn some letters or do some counting? You could try, and if she resists, leave it for later.

My daughter at that age didn't want to know - but she loved 'dictating' stories for me to type and drawing pictures to go with it. I would print her story and she would spend ages 'reading' it to herself. It is just a case of encouraging them really - and I am sure you do lots of that already.

You have lots of time, so don't try to rush her.

Ahead of the Game!
by: Judy

I smile as I read your question, for many homeschooling moms would love to have students who like to "stay on schedule" like your sweet little girl! LOL

Perhaps at first, setting a certain "time for lessons" would work well for you! You could even set a timer or ring a small bell to signal "school time". She might like this and would quickly become familiar with associating the sound to the change in events.

Also, I suggest that you have a pre-arranged group of activities ready when she comes to you as the bell sounds...and then allow HER the choice of which activity/lesson to do...since she is only 3...I find that each of my children LOVED making choices at that age! You wouldn't want to overwhelm her, so perhaps just three small groups:
A coloring/matching activity, A story to read with coloring page coinciding, or some fun items for counting and sorting games!

Sounds like you are on your way to LOTS of adventure and fun in learning with your sweet daughter! BEST WISHES!

I have a three year old too!
by: Jessy

My little Suzie is coloring a letter of the alphabet, a number and a color each week.
I just draw up a bubble letter and some things that start with that letter.
For each number I write it (both # and word) in "bubble" form for her to color with that many hearts to color as well.
I write the color in "bubble" and some thing that is that color then give her only that color crayon.
Each week I three-hole punch the pages and put them all in the same 3 prong report holder.
That way we can review what she has done and she can show Daddy what she learned today!!
When we run out of colors we continue with letter, number,shapes...I jot it down in my calendar so I don't forget what color/shape/letter etc we are on.
The nice thing about this "program" it you can just take it up a notch as she grows each year older. What ever you do just keep it simple...and it is okay if you don't finish the entire "school"year or you take a big time off during the holidays..that's what makes homeschooling can just pick it up where you left off...Good luck and God Bless!!!

4, 3 and 2
by: Anonymous

HI, I am so glad to hear that your daughter is high spirited, because my children are too. I actually went to the dollar store and got some just basic learning skills for my children to learn to start the homeschooling process. I call it doing your homework, instead of the daunting word school. I found that my kids respond to it quite well, and they don't look at it as a task to have to do. I started my eldest at three, but I would sit down a mommy and me time and go over each page with them until they understood what I asked for, and now they do it by themselves. I would keep it light and not so hard, because like others say, there are good days, and then there are bad days. On the bad days just take a break, and have fun.

homeschooling 5
by: Anonymous

I have five kids, (11,9,7,6&4).and I am getting so overwhelmed on what to teach them. I love homeschooling them so much!! I worry if they are getting behind. I just want the best for all of them. I have baught so much books to help me, The three that I baught last they are games to help with math , reading, and fun learning. We have covered a few of them the kids seems to like it.
My 11&9 yr old havent memoriazed the addingkids subtracting divioson, where stillto on the subtracton and adding. Is thisthis bad? There readingI has improved some nbut needs toto improve more.
But for my 7, 6. They haven't started reading yet they do know a few words. My four year old is having I guess u could say he's being a slow talker. He does say a few words. ........ how do I know where to begin, what they need yo know ,and if they are up to there grade level. Im sorry for my silly questions. Thankyou for your there anytaanything I can do to make them come up to there grade level? Im sorry for my silly questions. I worry alot about it

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