Sewing and Cooking in a Homeschooling Curriculum

Homeschooling is the perfect setting for teaching children many things that will not only be beneficial but will be a fun way of learning.

Adding cooking and sewing to your homeschool curriculum will provide your children with nutritional and practical skills that they can use for life. Both subjects can easily be integrated into a homeschool program to give kids a unique learning experience.

Kids of any age can learn cooking as long as the lessons are designed for their age group. Involving children in meal planning and putting together recipes will teach math and science skills. This is a fun way for you to spend time with each child by having a cooking night for each of them on a weekly basis. Teenagers will enjoy being the chef of the night and planning a meal for dinner.

Teaching children to cook will allow them to learn the basics - nutrition and choosing healthy foods - while adding fun projects that make it interesting. As well as teaching them core subjects you will also be teaching them information regarding nutrition diets and healthy lifestyles. As they learn about the different food groups your child will begin to understand what food is good for them and which ones they should avoid. Children learn at an early age and there are always age appropriate tasks that they can do in the kitchen.

Ways to enrich your cooking curriculum

cooking as part of a homeschooling curriculum

  • Along with cooking lessons and help with weekly meals, the holidays are great cooking opportunities. Gingerbread houses for Christmas, Easter egg creations and seasonal times of the year provide cooking ideas throughout the entire year.
  • How about history and cooking? You can learn what kind of food the Vikings cooked and try to replicate it. After studying Medieval times create your own family banquet.
  • Ethnic recipes will teach them about other countries and there are many ways to make this a fun learning experience. Dressing in the clothing typically worn in the country they are using for their cooking creation will make the lesson even more of a learning experience as well as enjoyable.

  • Sewing in a Homeschool Program

    sewing as part of a homeschooling curriculum

    This brings us to another subject that can be combined with the cooking classes. Sewing can be a fun project for homeschool. Children can learn step by step basic sewing skills and progress to actually making something, such as a costume for their ethnic cooking night. Simple hand stitching to using a sewing machine teaches the basics and allows you to add more advanced sewing as they learn. Children are naturally creative and this is an outlet that will permit them to use these skills.

    Science, math, history and all the basic subjects will create interactive opportunities for you and your children to bond and for them to learn the essentials. Whether you use this as part of your homeschooling curriculum, or for the fun it provides, they are valuable lessons for your child.

    These tips and techniques for adding cooking and sewing in a homeschooling curriculum was contributed by Debbie Madson. Debbie is author of several kid friendly oriented websites.

    For help with these subjects see how to teach cooking tips or kids sewing projects and ideas.


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    Sewing and Cooking

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