Homeschooling for Matric in South Africa

by Karlien
(South Africa)

I am doing matric this year and I want to know if I can start doing homeschool now.

The only problem I can think of doing homeschool is that I can get stuck and that there is noone to help me, because what if there is something my parents can't help me with?

Do you think that it's a good idea to start homeschool now?


Hi Karlien
Thanks for the question.

You say that you are worried about getting stuck, and your parents not being able to help you. I don't know a lot about taking the matric, but how are you planning to work for it? I am sure there are lots of different ways you can do this - and that if you find one particular textbook isn't helping you, you could try another. And I am sure there is lots of help on the internet.

Have you been good at figuring things out in the past by yourself? Or do you know that you are going to need lots of help?

If you think you may need access to someone to talk to, why not consider a home study course or distance learning? Some places that do this are:
  • College SA.

  • The Learning Group.

  • There is also a good article about it here.

    I hope this helps. There are lots of good reasons for homeschooling but only you (and your parents) can decide if it is a good idea for you at this time. Good luck!
    best wishes, Julie.

    PS - For others wishing to homeschool in South Africa, then Homeschooling Curriculum Guide includes information in both English and Afrikaans.

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    Can you give me advise
    by: Anonymous

    I am a teacher at a private high school that was unable to pay us for december. The parents have come to me and aksed me if I could take their kids and tutor them for next year(Grade 12) I am able to do this....but how will I be able to get them to write in for their matric exams? Can you please help me with this.

    Julie says I don't know enough about the law in South Africa to be able to advise you properly on this. However, this document states that "The law defines home education as "education at the learner's home". Therefore, a child who receives education at the home of someone else, is not being home schooled and is not covered by the protection provided for home education by law." So I think that what you wish to do would not be homeschooling but some type of micro-school. There is some information about taking Matric here. I can only think that you should try contacting the Prestalozzi Trust and seeing if they can help you. Sorry not to be more help. Julie.

    by: Ben

    Hi Karlien,

    You can find past matric papers here.

    Feel free to check it out and best of luck!

    Matric and grade 11
    by: Anonymous

    I am reaching the end of my grade 11 year in South Africa and I wanted to find out if it is worth it for me to switch to homeschooling now? And if I do how long would it take me to achive the IGCSE?

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