Homeschooling in Africa

by Charmain
(Swaziland, Africa)

Hello to all, I have been homeschooling my grandson for the past 2 yrs, he is now 7yrs old. We live in Africa and our Educational System, in my opinion, leaves a lot to be desired.

When I started teaching I dived in head first, developing a system of my own. Not having any idea of where to start I worked my way through teaching the ABC. This did not take long as we would say & sing the ABC, and play I spy (playing I spy is a great way to teach sound). Once this was grasped I began teaching writing.

I never forced anything, we had a lot of play time, writing in the sand and on paper but always learning.

My grandson has had the opportunity to have his own computer and has been surfing the internet since 3 years old, this has also been a great sorce of education to him. When he wants to know something he does a search for whatever he is looking for, then he will check with myself and my husband on the answers he has found. He is now reading the Tommy Books and is on his 5th book in the series.

It is a new year for us now 2011 and I have been doing a lot of research for lessons for him. I found he is way ahead of his age group, which shows me I must be doing something right.

Thanks to all those homeschooler parents out there who have offered their hard work in resources and knowledge for us to share, I for one would never have been able to succeed if it weren't for you all as where we live we dont have the resources available like libraries so I have had to rely on the internet. Thank you very much.


Thank you so much for your homeschooling story. It is lovely to hear how you homeschool your grandson.

I do agree with you - the internet is a wonderful resource for us homeschoolers. And it sounds as if your grandson is thriving on it!

best wishes, Julie.

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Aug 18, 2013
Looking for moms in Africa for book exchange
by: Roberta

Hi! I am a homeschooling mom from Boone, NC, USA, and have created a facebook group for families all over the world to exchange children's/youth books with other families all over the world! I would love to have participants from Korea! If you are interested in participating, have questions or want more information, please comment or message me!

My email is : mrsme6th at bellsouth dot net

I am also on facebook with the above group I created for my son who loves to learn about different cultures and places!

Jul 10, 2013
by: Adel

I just love your story and thanks for sharing it with us. I want to know is there any other homeschoolers in Swaziland? We want to meet with you maybe once a month.

Please contact me:

Feb 07, 2011
Live in Africa
by: Charmain

Hi Shani,
I personally found it is easier not to follow any specific curriculum when children are young, you could follow the basic's of what to teach though. I followed my heart and watched the level of understanding, if I noticed the understanding was limited, I changed tactic. It takes some perseverance, then all of a sudden you will see they (the Child/ren) will suddenly know what you are teaching them. If you wish you are welcome to send me mail on cspoon3(at)gmail(dot)com and I will try and assist you where I can.

***I changed the email so that it couldn't be picked up by spammers. Please insert the symbols instead of the words in brackets. Julie.

Feb 06, 2011
i live in Africa too
by: Shani


I agree with you As there are no libraries to go to but use the internet. I a mother of triplets and planning to homeschool but have no idea on what carriculum to use any suggestions??

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