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Find out what homeschooling is really like! This series of interviews with homeschooling Moms dishes the dirt on homeschooling!

Emma - London, UK

1. Tell me a little about how and who you homeschool.

I home educate my 11 year old daughter, 7 year old son and 18 month old!

We are quite relaxed in our approach and although I do instigate some of the projects we are very child-led. My daughter has been to school twice, once at 5 (she came out after 6 months) and again at 8 (she stayed for 2 and a half years). Both times she came out as she was unhappy with certain things. When she was younger we felt that reading and writing were being pushed too much and she wasn't ready for it. Going to school as an older child was difficult in some ways as she found the other children's behaviour quite challenging. My son has never been to school and doesn't ever want to go!

2. What is homeschooling REALLY like?

I think this depends on your approach and how many children you have!

Having an 18 month old is very hard work anyway, but when your home educating it can be exhausting. I do find the big age gaps I have difficult sometimes as they can't very often attend the same activity. Saying that, they have very different interests anyway so perhaps this would be a problem whatever their ages!

At home this is less of a problem as they can do work that suits their ability. I do enjoy doing projects with them as I can set harder work for my daughter which she enjoys doing alone and help my son out with whatever he's doing. There is an active home educators community where I live and we are out alot, probably too much, but it's hard to say no to things.

My children take part in a history group, drama, sports, swimming, social well as things which aren't run by home educators such as Judo, performing arts group, guitar lessons...the list is endless! But we can also just take off for the day and spend it in a museum in London or a nearby park. I like the freedom of Home Educating. Just be prepared for a messy house!

3. What would your absolutely perfect homeschooling day look like?

LOL! Everyone up, dressed and ready to go at 8am! This rarely happens though, as much as I try. I guess everyone happy and engaged in whatever we have chosen to do that day - with no bickering! And a clean house!

4. What is your favourite homeschooling memory so far?

I have lots of these, but I think each time one of my children says ' I love home education' or 'I'm so glad I'm home educated' it feels great!

5. What would you go back and change if you could?

We did a lot when my oldest daughter was small. I'd be far more relaxed and probably wouldn't do as much as we did or stress about finding her friends as much as I did.

6. What other question should I have asked you, and what is the answer?

I know alot of people worry about reading. My daughter didn't start to read until she was 7 and a half. She was fluent by 8. When they tested her at school she was reading two years ahead of her age group! She really struggled with reading for a long time, but once she got it there was no stopping her. I've heard similar stories from friends and boys esp. seem to take a little longer. My son is not yet reading, but I'm confident it will come in his own time.

I'd rather my children read later and enjoy it than have it forced on them and chose never to pick up a book and read for enjoyment.

Many thanks to Emma for agreeing to be interviewed. If you are a homeschooling Mom (or you used to be!) and think you can contribute, then please ask ask me for an interview. I would love to hear your story.


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