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This series of interviews with homeschooling Moms dishes the dirt on homeschooling! Find out what they really think about homeschooling.

Theresa - UK

1. Tell me a little about how and who you homeschool.

My daughter who is 11 always struggled at school even from playschool.

As she got older we discovered a speech problem so this didn't help with her confidence, and she also needed extra help with English so was taken from class for the help.

A couple of terms into year 7 (age 11) I went to the parent night. Her teacher to talked down to me, and when I asked about the help she needed she replied "This is not like little school". I was so shocked and annoyed that I didnt hear much else.

I phoned later to asked about getting her tested and to see about extra help - I was told she had the reading / writing ability of a 9 year old. "So how do we help?" - "We don't" said the teacher, "she isnt bad enough". That is when I started really thinking of going down the home educating route but I was so scared - after all these are the most important years.

A few weeks later I recieved a text message from her school saying that she was not in class. Of course I panicked thinking where could she be. Within 5 minutes of me phoning the school they had found her - sitting in the back of class! As far as I was concerned she was slipping through the net. We talked about it, then when she finished year 7 I never sent her back.

I was so nervous about how I would do this. As well as my daughter I have 3 younger boys aged 11 , 8 and terrible 2, lol.

2. What is homeschooling REALLY like?

This is a funny one because I change our lesson plans nearly every half term. We are still kind of finding what works.

To start with we copied what her time table in school was, then we dropped a few things that didn't seem as important.

At the moment we do spellings in the mornings and for english, maths and science we have work books from WHSmiths. We study history for 1 week then geography for 1 week, but I'm going to extend it next term.

We go to the library once a week and do "on this day" projects when something interesting pops up. in fact we have used some ideas from your celebration days. As for pe, we have the wii and we go on bike rides. We do cooking and she also helps with the housework sometimes.

I also do something that I guess is very simlar to your strewing - I put posters and printed facts on to the back of the bathroom door so when they are in the bathroom they have something to read, hee hee!

3. Please dish the dirt on homeschooling! What is the problem with it, or what is your biggest challenge in homeschooling. As a homeschooling mom, what do you like least about it?

The biggest surprise I have had so far is the lack of help there is in my area. I don't know a single person that home educates - and no other homeschooling moms. I have no groups.

We did manage to find a group near Theresa.

If you are looking for groups near you, be sure to Google your town or city with the words homeschooling (or home educating). Or check Facebook - most groups these days have a Facebook group.

If you still can't come up with anything then do email me, and I will try to help.

I also discovered that I think my daughter is slightly dyslexic. She has all the symptoms and although she can read its difficult for her but I cant get her tested because we are home educating. I would have to pay private but it's around £450.

If you think your child may have dyslexia, there is an inexpensive way to test it yourself - Testing for Dyslexia at Home.

The thing I like least is that we are sometimes treated like we have something wrong with us. I cant take my 2 year old to our local mother and toddlers group with my daughter...."health and safety"... and I wont leave her with a sitter as this defeats the purpose.

4. What is your favourite homeschooling memory so far?

Probably seeing her have an interest in learning again. At first she didn't see the point as she thought she was stupid anyway - and that is a devastating thing to hear from your child.

5. What would you go back and change if you could?

If I could go back she never would have gone to school at all. It never suited her and probably never will. I worry constantly if I'm doing the right thing or that she is even doing enough, but that's just my self doubt because I have nothing to compare it to.

Many thanks to Theresa for agreeing to be interviewed. If you are a homeschooling Mom (or you used to be!) and think you can contribute, then please ask ask me for an interview. I would love to hear your story.


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