How can I get my child motivated in her Homeschool lessons?

I am having trouble getting my child interested in her lessons?

She is in middle school this year and she also skipped a grade. I am having trouble getting her excited about math, history, and science. I just need some inspiration.


This is a difficult one because you can't MAKE a child be motivated! Also, I think it is ok for them not to be interested sometimes.

We all have times when we feel a bit out of sync with the world - we seem to need that time to consolidate for a while - then we can come back to things refreshed. So it is possible you just both need a break. Take a look at my page on homeschool burnout.

I would take a look at the lessons you give her. Would they make YOU enthusiastic and interested? Learning things because someone else is telling us to IS boring. If you want your daughter to be self-motivated and enthused, then you may have to back off and trust she will learn what she needs to learn, when she needs to learn it.

A great place to start is with things she is already enthusiastic about. What interests does she have? Keen horse lover? Then do a project about the history of horses, look at the science behind how they run and jump. And calculate how fast they run (perhaps by breed then graph the results). Don't try to ring every last educational fact out of the subject - just follow her interest and see where it leads you. You will be surprised at how much you cover.

Maybe your child has a different interest - but I hope that helps you to see how you can harness that into what you are doing.

I would also take a look at yourself as a role model for your daughter. Does she ever see you sit down and learn something new? It can be tremendously motivating as a child to see parents studying and learning.

I would also recommend these articles on motivating children here and here - I don't necessarily agree with both of them totally - but they may give you some ideas.

If you are still really stuck, then take a look at my homeschooling ideas and try to work some of them into your daily homeschool schedule.

Good luck! Julie.

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by: LoriD

You obviously have a list of topics she needs to cover ask her how she would like to cover them if her lessons aren't exciting her. Tell her that's it her education but she has topics that need to be covered and you are open to exploring different ways of covering those topics. Have her research other ways to cover a topic - digital, video, hands on science kits, perhaps she wants to get together with other hs friends and do a project together. She could be just looking for a change (I know for me as a hs mom February is a tough month and sometimes I need a change myself). Motivation comes from within and we all need to learn what motivates us! Oh also if she has already skipped a grade she might be extremely bright and extremely bored ... challenge her - maybe instead of doing every lesson she could do the chapter tests until she gets "stuck" and then do the lesson, she just may be ready for more challenging topics don't hold her back.

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