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Got a kid that loves inventing? These kids invention ideas will keep them busy.

Kids seem to really love inventing things. And it is so easy to encourage and help their invention skills. There are some ideas to get you started.

There are different ways kids like to invent. Some are forever creating weird and wonderful Rube Goldberg type machines on paper - others are more hands-on and want to invent 'real things'.

Either way, there are 3 things that can help them out.

Inventions for Kids

  1. Get them an Inventions Journal.
    This is the place for all their ideas. Instead of drawing or writing everything out on bits of paper, get them a notebook to carry around with them. Many famous inventors kept a journal to write down their ideas as they came to them. This way, your kids won't loose any of their brilliant ideas - and sometimes looking through the ideas can spark new ones. Tell them to use the journal to write down new ideas. They could also write down problems they see that could be solved by an invention - then they can take time to think about the solution.
  2. More : Keep an Ideas Daybook.

  3. Learn how things work.
    Learning how things work will help them understand how to get their invention to work. Let your kids play around with motors, gears and pulleys so they get an understanding of how things move, connect and operate.
  4. Here are some ideas : experiment with batteries, make a geodesic dome, make a simple robot.

  5. Take an invention challenge.
    Challenge them to invent something. Depending on the age and ability of your child, this could be a drawing - or get them to really make the solution. Why not try the invention ideas for kids challenge below, and see what your kid can come up with?
  6. Take Kids Inventions Challenge


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