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The social disadvantages of homeschooling are a big worry to new homeschoolers.

But how real is the problem? And what are the ways you can help develop social skills in your child?

Socialization is usually mentioned as one of the major negative aspects of homeschooling.

However, research into homeschool socialization has shown that children taught at home can be very sociable and integrate easily in groups.

But I know that the social disadvantages of homeschooling are still a big worry to new homeschoolers. So here are my top 10 tips for helping your child be more sociable!

Homeschooling Socialization

  1. Relax!
    Just because your child is being anti-social today, doesn't mean he will never be able to mix! All children go through stages. Be patient and kind and trust that this will pass.

  2. Start slowly.
    If your child isn't very sociable then start slowly. Don't take him to the biggest homeschooling group you can find and throw him in at the deep end. Invite a couple of children to the park with you at first.

  3. Encourage Hobbies.
    Meeting with children (or adults) that have the same interests as your children is a great way to develop social skills. A feeling of belonging will go a long way.

  4. Remember everyone is different.
    Some people thrive in big groups - and some don't. It's just the way we are. Don't put pressure on your child to be something they aren't.

  5. Encourage a sense of adventure
    Offer your child adventures that bring them into contact with other people. A visit to your local book club. A trip to a museum. Even short contact with other people will help your child build social skills.

  6. Be Sociable Yourself.
    What kind of an example are you setting your child? As their role model, they really need to see you mingling socially. Join a club you would enjoy and take them along.

  7. Build Confidence.
    Introducing your child to public speaking or a debating group is a great way to build confidence. If you can stand up and make a presentation, you will be much more confident in other social situations. See if your local Toastmasters have a childrens group.

  8. Talk about Social Skills.
    'People watching' is a great way to introduce your child to body language and sociability. When you meet someone new, talk later with your child about how the new person acted in your company. And what they could have done differently.

  9. Practice!!
    It is fine to practice social skills at home. Have fun with sessions where you 'meet' each other. Pretend you are a policeman or a small child! How would the greeting be different?

  10. Relax!
    Yes - I know I started with this one! But really, it is very unlikely your child will end up with no social skills at all. Keep perspective, and don't worry so much about it! If you are still anxious, then read my opinions of the homeschooling and socialization myth.

I hope that makes you feel more confident that the social disadvantages of homeschooling can be overcome!. Still not sure? Why not ask me a question and get some homeschooling help?


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