Socialization Is About Confidence!

by Livvy
(Exeter, England)

I go to a state school (this is the same as a public school in America, but in England a public school is the same as a private school.) and I don't talk to people. I have no confidence around them because they judge me on what I look like etc. I have a small group of friends and talk to very few people.

Now compare this to the year I was homeschooled. In this year I gained so much confidence and was able to talk to people because I knew it didn't matter if they thought I was strange. Then I went back to a state school and all my confidence left me again - with my PE teacher calling me an idiot etc.

If I was honest I had more close friends when I was home schooled, because these people were friends I met at clubs who I shared a common interest with. If it wasn't for exams I would love to be home schooled again, and with all the advantages to home schooling hope any children I might have will be able to experience this.

One tip though: make sure you get involved in at least one club, as socialization with people your own age is very important, or maybe find some people you know who are home schooled as well.


Livvy, Thank you for sharing your story. I am sure that people trying to decide whether to homeschool will find it useful and comforting.

Please hold your head up high in school and ignore those that would judge you. YOU know that you can make friends, that people like you and and want to spend time with you. So YOU aren't the one with the problem - they are. If they think you are strange it is probably because you don't fit comfortably into their limited world view. But we know it's the crazy ones that change the world!

best wishes, Julie.

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