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Many of the benefits of classroom outings are unquantifiable. So are field trips really a valuable educational experience?

I would argue yes! An important part of learning is exploring new environments. Homeschool field trips are a wonderful way of expanding a child's horizons. A new place and new experiences can have an amazing effect within your homeschool.

Educational Benefits of Field Trips

  • Bringing an area of study to life. There is nothing like seeing tools used by ancient people (for example) to really bring history alive. Going on a visit to learn how to do something will enrich the experience in a way that reading about it never could.
  • Seeing things in a different environment can help children make connections. Sometimes seeing something for real, or touching it, can be a breakthrough in learning.
  • Can accomodate different learning styles - we all learn in different ways. Field trips can allow children more scope in experiencing types of learning.
  • Gives you access to resources not available in the classroom or at home. Artifacts or architecture for example, are best seen.
  • Helps pull together disparate information. Field trips can be a good way of 'summarizing' an area of study for a child.
  • Socialization. Field trips introduce children to new and varied social situations. Allowing them to meet someone with a passion for a subject can spark their own enthusiasm.
  • Introduction to a wider variety of role models.
  • Incease knowledge and understanding of a subject.
  • Add realism to a topic.
  • Allows children to display different sides of their personality. Children react differently in different social situations, and an outing gives them the opportunity to explore this.
  • Increased motivation and interest in a subject.
  • A way of following the child's interests. In some areas - like horse riding - only a field trip will do!
  • Give everyone a break! Sometimes you just need to get away from your studies for a while and go do something fun. Not educational in itself - but relaxation is an important part of any study program.
  • The benefits of field trips really do exist.

    Convinced of the benefits? Why not try some free field trips?

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