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With a little bit of imagination you will see there are many opportunities to go on a great homeschooling field trip for free.
Free Field Trips - Field Trip Ideas for homeschooling
A field trip isn't just about 'visiting somewhere'.

It is about really making the most of the facilities and community around you. And helping children to understand more about their environment.

Some of these free field trips may need organising ahead (particularly if you are taking a group of children), but I have tried hard to stick to the maxim of free!
Ideas for Free Field Trips

Follow my tips for homeschool field trips to really get the most from your day.


History is all around us - check out these ideas for taking advantage of it!

  • Check out your local architecture - take a walk around town to spot some of the best buildings. See if you can find the oldest, and newest building.
  • Find free Museums in your area to visit.
  • Compare the current landscape with old aerial photographs. This is a great way to show children how things in your area have changed over time.
  • Visit your local cemetery or war memorial. This works well with World War II Unit Study.
  • Take a tour of your local church - many churches have interesting histories.
  • Take advantage of free community events - air shows, vintage car rallies or historic re-enactments.
  • Free Field Trips - catching butterflies


    Make use of your local geographical features. This one gets a whole page to itself! Geography Field Trips

    Science and Nature

  • Take a nature walk - and collect items for your homeschool nature table. Even a local park can unearth some wonderful finds.
  • Pick your Own - grab opportunities to pick your own pumpkins, strawberries, apples or blackberries.
  • Visit your local farm or orchard.
  • See how many different environments you can find in your area - beach, wetlands, highlands, lakes, agricultural and so on.
  • Go Pond Dipping - or bug hunting. Butterfly or Dragonfly catching is a favourite with my children.
  • Visit bird sanctuaries or animal rescue centers - or at the very least, go feed the ducks at your local park.
  • Open Gardens - many areas hold Open Garden Days, where people open their gardens to the public.
  • Live in a city with limited opportunities to 'commune with nature'? Try people watching. Introduce the children to body language, and then go out and see if you can spot some examples.
  • You know you're a homeschooler when


  • Go out and make some Kids Nature Art.
  • Take advantage of free performances - Street performances or theatre in the park.
  • Visit art galleries, or free art exhibitions - Our local art groups have regular exhibitions in the local church.
  • Visit art studios. Many areas run an 'Open Art Studio' scheme where artists open their studio doors to the public for a few days a year. This is a great opportunity to meet the artists and talk about their work.
  • Ask to visit craft groups - Craft groups are usually very keen to share their skills, and welcome visitors. Try your local groups in spinning, quilting, weaving, pottery and painting.
  • Local Business

    Local Businesses are often happy to arrange visits by small groups. If you have to visit one of these business in the course of your day, then why not turn it into a field trip.

  • Post Office
  • Pet Store - when my daughter wanted a dog, we went to the pet store to make a list and price up everything she would need if we got one.
  • Grocery Store/Supermarket - get the children to look at package branding and the difference in prices. Or how the layout of the store invites people to spend more.
  • Library - take a look at how the books are categorised.
  • Art Store - check out the different art mediums and ask how they are used - some stores will be happy to demonstrate.
  • Fire Station
  • Vets
  • Estate Agents
  • Travel Agents
  • I hope these ideas for free field trips spark some great visits for your homeschool family.

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