Children's Christmas Books

The Best Christmas Reading for Kids!

We have a wonderful Christmas tradition where we read Christmas story books every evening in December until Christmas eve! 

This has introduced us to some really wonderful Christmas reading. Here are our favourites.

Christmas Books for Children

Childrens Christmas  Books

The Jolly Christmas Postman Amazon UK by Janet and Allan Ahlberg is a lovely picture book for younger children. The book has lots of envelopes (for the postman to deliver) each with a card, game or small puzzle.

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey Amazon UK by Susan Wojciechowski. We loved this one. It is a beautifully illustrated book with a well-written story long enough to be split over several days.
    “Jonathan Toomey was once a happy man with a wife and baby, but since their death his grief has turned him cold and hard. Then one winter’s day the widow McDowell and her son knock at the sad woodcarver’s door to ask if he will make them a set of nativity figures. When, gruffly, he agrees, the heart-warming Christmas miracle of Jonathan Toomey begins.”

Angela and the Baby Jesus Amazon UK by Frank McCourt who wrote Angela’s Ashes. The illustrations are lovely! Worth reading.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas Amazon UK by Dr. Seuss. Don't let Disney films put you off. This is still one of my favourite children's Christmas books! Its so lyrical - I love to read it aloud!

The House of Wooden Santas Amazon UK by Kevin Major. Last years book. There are 24 chapters so it is perfect for reading over the whole month.

This is a very modern story. Nine year old Jesse doesn't want to move out of the city. But his mother has lost her job and needs somewhere less expensive to live. It is an unlikely setting for a heartwarming Christmas story - but has a lovely mix of the magic of Santa and the spirit of Christmas.

It is a bit hard to find so shop around for a second hand version.
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever Amazon UK by Barbara Robinson. Last years The year before lasts reading! This is a sweet book about what happens when the Herdmans (who are absolutely the worst kids in the world!) decide to be part of the Christmas pageant. Its not long - only 7 short chapters - but funny (and moving!)

The Story of Holly and Ivy Amazon UK by Rumer Godin. This is the book I have ordered for this year. It says for ages 5-10 and my children are older than that - but I love Rumer Godin books so I hope they will indulge me! It looks like a beautiful story.

A Certain Small Shepherd Amazon UK by Rebecca Caudill. A reader recommended this christmas story - she says
    “Mom first started reading it to us in about 1965 when it was in a women’s magazine. Then it came out in book form and she read it every year during our Christmas celebration until her death in 1996. She gave each of my brothers and sisters a copy with an inscription in it to keep up the tradition. I just became a granma and my gift to my son’s family will be a copy of the book with the same inscription along with a copy of the CD recording of Mom reading it. I thought you might be interested."

Letters from Father Christmas Amazon UK by J.R.R. Tolkein. On my list for the future. It is letters from ‘Father Christmas’ to Tolkeins children, and sounds magical.

Free Online Christmas Reading

  • Frank L. Baum (of Wizard of Oz fame) wrote two wonderful stories about Santa Claus - both available free. The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus is longer and takes a bit of getting into, but I thought it was magical. A shorter story is A Kidnapped Santa Claus.
  • Another free online book is A Childs Christmas in Wales by Dylan Thomas. Its a nice read, but I think an illustrated version would bring it to life.
  • Another free online book is This Way to Christmas by Ruth Sawyer was enjoyable but I would recommend it ONLY as a read-aloud (there are some quite racist bits in it that I glossed over!). It includes several stories of christmas traditions in other countries - which raised a lot of uncomfortable questions by my santa-believing children - so you may want to judge the timing!! But the book is available as a free download, so I figured you could peruse it before making a decision about it. Overall, we did enjoy it.
  • I hope you create some wonderful memories with these childrens christmas books!

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    Children's Christmas Books
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