How to Draw a Daisy - Step by Step

By Jan Wood Harris

I am delighted to share with you this wonderful tutorial on 'How to Draw a Daisy' by Jan Wood Harris - created especially for

Drawing has been a big part of our homeschooling - and drawing flowers is something my children love to do. So I was delighted when Jan offered to write me an easy flower drawing tutorial - with step by step instructions.

How to draw a daisy, step by step

This free flower tutorial was written by Jan Wood Harris, author of

Ms Wood's Wild Art Adventures

Find out more about Jan's book and how to see more of her tutorials at the end of this page.

How to draw a cool daisy!

You know how sometimes it's so hard to draw a flower that's even all the way around? when all the petals turn out to be a different size?

Well, follow these simple steps and Shizaam! A perfect enough little flower!

Let's start with a big circle and a little circle in the middle. Then draw 2 X's within the big circle. These lines will be the center of each petal and the big circle is how long each petal will be...Easy!

Step 1 - how to draw a daisy.

Since this flower is Red, (yours can be any color you like!) let's follow the Red lines now. Draw a curved line from the top of your pencil line down to the circle. Look close - the red line only touches the pencil line at the tip of the petal, and only comes close at the base!

Fascination with Observation - kinda looks like apple slices....

Step  two - how to draw a daisy

Next, let's draw the other side of our petals. This line starts at the tip of the petal and touches half-way down the red line of the next petal. This creates 'OVERLAPPING' and gives a realism to your flower.

(Go ahead and erase the pencil lines in your petals and the outer circle).

Step 3 - How to draw a daisy

Flower petals have a smooth 'TEXTURE' which is shown here with pencil 'strokes'. In this case, we're going to color in the petals'lengthwise', from center to tip. Notice, the curve of the inside pencil strokes follows the outside curve of the petals.

Another Fascination with Observation! -Color golden in the center with squirrly, spirally strokes!

Step 4 - how to draw a daisy

Ok, now comes the fun part.... Detail! Notice how the red is darkest at the very tip of the petal and where it connects with the center. This is alled 'SHADING'. Going from dark to light like this gives the petal a slight curved look, don't you agree?

For the center, to add more fun 'TEXTURE', use a darker colored pencil and draw some silly spirals and swirlies.

The stem is colored all light green, then just under the petals and down one side is a darker green. Again, this 'SHADING' creates the illusion of a round stem.

Step 5 - how to draw a daisy

Now you know how to draw a daisy, you are ready to create your flower garden!!

As a Children’s fine art teacher for over 20 years I’ve learned so much from my students, as they have hopefully learned from me.

Children have such rich imaginations & are always telling their own stories through their drawings. Through those imaginations, much can be learned.

So it just made sense to combine art instruction with simple storytelling in this charming, richly illustrated book….


View Jan Wood Harris - Art for more art and other books by Jan

View Facebook Page: Jan Wood Harris-Students Art Gallery/Forum for more tutorials and samples of students artwork.

Many thanks to Jan for creating this easy art tutorial on how to draw a daisy.

Do go and check out her book. It contains step by step examples of how to draw clouds, Toucans, leaves, spears and more. And is also filled with examples of Impressionist, Modern Art and Realism artists and their paintings and drawings of clouds, plants and birds in different mediums.

This would make a great book to complement your homeschooling art lessons.

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