Kids Craft Ideas

Art and Craft Projects

Crafts are a wonderful way to teach your child a new skill for life.

Children love to have a sense of accomplishment, and feel they are really contributing, so even young children love to be introduced to a new craft idea.

Even better, crafts are perfect for tying into your current homeschool projects! They can really help a subject come alive - and reinforce the things you are learning.

Crafts aren't all about play-doh and glue-sticks. Try some real traditional crafts with your children - you will be amazed what you can make!

Kids Craft Projects and Ideas

There are so many beautiful crafts that kids can manage. We have tried many crafts as part of our home school crafts sessions.

Home School Crafts - Quilt Home School Crafts - Button Sampler Home School Crafts - Spinning
Home School Crafts - Needlefelting Home School Crafts - Clay Home School Crafts - Basket of Threads

Fabric Crafts

Homeschool Crafts - needlefelting toys Despite the sharp needles, I have found this to be an easy craft that children from about the age of six can manage. Make toys or quilts.

Needlefelting with Kids

Dyeing Yarn You get a real sense of satisfaction from dyeing yarn to use in other projects. Easy and fun.

Dyeing Yarn

Yarn Painting The Huichol Mexican Indians are renowned for their beautiful yarn paintings. Try copying their technique to make a beautiful artwork.

Make a Yarn Painting

Journal Quilts Journal quilts are small and easy for even young fingers. Why not make a quilt representing your homeschool adventure every month?

Journal Quilts

Naure Crafts - Stick Dolls Used you dyed yarn to make stickdolls. These easy dolls are suitable to make by all ages and need very few supplies.

Make a Nature Craft StickDoll

Clay Crafts

Clay Projects for KidsChildren love working with clay, but are of often stuck for ideas about what to make. Here are my kids craft ideas for pottery.

Easy Clay Projects for Kids

Smoke Firing in a Trash CanThis one will stretch you but it is really fun to try. Learn how to fire pottery without a kiln

Firing Clay at Home

Natural Clay Art WorkArtist Kiko Denzer shares how to make something beautiful from mud.

Natural Clay Art Work

Homemade ChalkNot quite clay but just as much fun.

Homemade Chalk

Paper Crafts Ideas

Clay Projects for KidsHandmade books are perfect for all sorts of projects. And make wonderful gifts.

Making books with children

ZentanglesTry this creative art form used for stress reduction, and to help develop dexterity in children.


How to Age Paper for KidsAging paper is a terrific homeschool trick - useful for all sorts of crafts projects.

How to Age Paper - Making Paper Look Old

How to Make Pop Up BooksPop Up Books are fun for all ages. And easy to make!

How to make Pop Up Books

Educational ScrapbookNot photo memory books, but old-fashioned cutting and pasting.

Educational Scrapbooks

Nature Crafts Ideas

Nature Art for KidsUse natural materials to make art! This project is great to try on a nature walk or at the beach.

Nature Art for Kids

Home Schooling Science - Nature TreeBring the seasons into your home. This tree decorating activity brings natural balance.

The Tree Project

Edible Crafts

Edible Crafts for KidsMake a project you can eat! From making a batch of easy edible play dough to beautiful fruit carvings.

Edible Crafts for Kids

Collaborative Art Projects

Group Art Projects
Looking for something collaborative for a homeschool group? Or a longer term project that you can work on piece by piece? These ideas will work for for several children working together. Or make an ideal longer-term family project.

Group Art Projects


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Snowman Craft 
Here's a little cooking project that you can tie into teaching a winter theme. Snowman Rice Cakes! My 4 1/2 year old son loved this snowman craft …

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Kids Craft Ideas

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