Help - Homeschooling my 5 years old Son with Cerebral Palsy

by DNB

I have three children 18/13 and 5years old. His name is Gabriel. He was born with left hemiplegia (genetic disorder).

I sent him to school for the earlychild program when he was 3 y/o, but it didn't work. They didn't provide the services that they said they were going to provide. He was discriminated against by the school bus driver and for aid. He wasn't the happy kid that he always used to be so I knew he wasn't ready for that world yet.

I have a bachelor degree in special education and I homeschooled my other two kids. My apartment look like a preschool classroom, I have every kind of materials.

Why I am so scared to homeschool my son with cerebral palsy?


Well, you know, deciding to homeschool any child is a big decision. I am sure that homeschooling a child with special needs takes an even bigger resolve and commitment.

You were probably promised all sorts of aid by the authorities - and were led to believe that your child needed it if he were to flourish. So it is very difficult to walk away from that and set out on your own.

Even when you are convinced homeschooling is the right thing for your child - it can be hard to know if it is the right thing for YOU. It is only natural that it all seems very daunting.

Would it help to think of it as a temporary thing, and take it a step at a time? Why not decide to homeschool him this term and then review? Then you don't have to feel you are committed to the responsibility for ever!

I am sure you know the advantages of homeschooling because of your older children. What disadvantages do you see in keeping Gabriel at home? Perhaps if you listed them you could think about each one in turn - and what YOU need, or ways in which you could overcome it - or what support or help would make you feel more comfortable.

I wish you and Gabriel all the best - and hope you get some good advice from my readers.

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