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Allowing your child to set up a blog is a great way of setting up creative writing activities for kids. I have found that as well as teaching persistence, blogging has helped with spelling and writing skills.

But kids often want their homeschooling blogs to reach a wider audience (than just Mom and the grandparents!!). So I have set up a homeschool carnival just for them!

Read Homeschooling Blogs by Kids

Homeschool Blogs - my daughter at the PC!
The Carnival is a place for a homeschooled kid to show-off a blog entry - and to go see what other homeschooled kids are blogging about.

Why should my Child blog?

Blogging is a great way to encourage your children to write. It will help improve internet and computer skills - and is quite a social activity. Another great reason is that it encourages persistence. Going back to a blog over a period of time helps children see the long term results of sustained effort. Plus - it gives a great record of your child's accomplishments and achievements! Need some helping setting up a blog for your children? Try these great blogging lessons or sign up for this free blogging correspondence course.

What is a Homeschool Carnival?

A Blog Carnival is a place where lots of links to blog posts are collected together and put in one place - so that you can read lots of new and interesting blogs easily. The Homeschool Kids Carnival will be hosted by and each month will display links to homeschool blogs by kids. The idea is that kids will get to look at other homeschooled kids blogs - and have their blog read by more than just the relatives!

How does my child join?

Simply fill out the form below! Blog entries can be about whatever the child likes to blog about - it doesn't have to be about being homeschooled. Please Note - This service is for HOMESCHOOLED KIDS only! No adult blogs are allowed. I am not allowed to collect information from anyone under the age of 13 - so please use an adults email address when submitting to the carnival.

Sorry everyone - I am going to take a year off from running the carnival so I have removed the form. I just don't have the time for it at the moment. Hopefully next year I will re-start - keep an eye on my Facebook page for details.

Is this safe?

If you allow your child to have a blog, then you can take precautions to protect them. As a minimum, set up your child's blog to have comments moderated - and have all comments emailed to you for approval. Also check your child's post to make sure they are not divulging personal details - getting your child to write under a false name is also advised. I will check all submissions and ensure (as best I can) that they are only from children. In this way we can work together to keep our children safe.

How can I support the Carnival?

Tell the children you know who blog about it. There are some Blog Buttons available here.

Current and Previous Carnivals

Sorry everyone - I am going to take a year off from running the carnival. I just don't have the time for it at the moment. Hopefully next year I will re-start - keep an eye on my Facebook page for details.

Kids Blog Carnival #29 - 28th September 2012.
Kids Blog Carnival #28 - 29th May 2012.
Kids Blog Carnival #27 - 31st March 2012.
Carnival #26 - 31st January 2012.
Carnival #25 - 30th November 2011.
Carnival #24 - 30th September 2011.
Carnival #23 - 30th July 2011.
Carnival #22 - 30th May 2011.
Carnival #21 - 30th March 2011 hosted by He-Resources.
Carnival #20 - 30th January 2011 hosted by He-Resources.
Carnival #19 - 30th November 2010 hosted by Alice (and her owner) of Alice the Bunny Blog.
Carnival #18 - 30th September 2010 hosted by Amber **Blog removed**.
Carnival #17 - 30th July 2010 hosted by Kitten of Kittens Purring.
Carnival #16 - 30th May 2010 hosted by Tatiana of World Star Acadamy.
Carnival #15 - 30th March 2010 hosted by Sandra of On Living by Learning.
Carnival #14 - 30th January 2010

Older Editions of the Homeschool blogs Carnival have been archived

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