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Welcome to the eighty-fourth issue of Fuel the Fire.

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Thanks for joining me today, and enjoy this issue!

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September News!

Welcome to the 84th edition of Fuel the Fire.

How was your summer? I hope it was fun-packed with a lot of lovely memories.

I was BUSY!! First the children had exams, then my daughter went to Gothenberg, then she caught pneumonia! She is doing fine and I am off to Corfu for the week for some downtime :)

Have a good month, and I will see you again in October!

Resources, Read-Alouds, and Recommendations

In this section of my newsletter, I want to bring you great recommendations that I think you will enjoy in your homeschooling.

Looking for some inspiration? I have got some fabulous e-books available in store.

In amongst all the busyness, I revamped my favorite two ebooks! 

The Best Homeschool Yet and Teenage Planners are now UNDATED so you can use your download over and over again - and start any month you wish.

The Amazon versions aren't done yet - I will let you know when they are up.

Best Homeschool Year Yet

Ready to have your best homeschool year yet?

Brainstorm and plan for a fabulous year of educational fun.

Find out more here.

Teenage Planner

Do you want to inspire your teenager to take responsibility for their own learning this year?

The You Only Live Once Workbook, Planner and Calendar is designed to help you do exactly that!

Find out more

Fuel the Fire in September

Rock Flipping Day

Sunday September 11th is International Rock Flipping Day.  A day to go flip over a rock and record what you see. Here is what the originator says about it:

...we pick a day for everybody to go outside — go as far as you have to — and flip over a rock (or two, or three). We could bring our cameras and take photos, film, sketch, paint, or write descriptions of whatever we find. It could be fun for the whole family!"

If you need more details then check out this page here or head over to their Facebook page.

International Rock Flipping Day

I thought it would be fun if we all participated. You can post your photos to my Facebook page - or send them to me and I will post them for you.

So! Go pick yourself a rock. I would be interested to hear what you find.

Art Book Bonanza

I am really enjoying sharing with you some of my favorite books. It is fun to pull them off my bookshelf and revisit them :)

This month I decided to share some of the wonderful art books we have used over our years of homeschooling.

So here are my top 50 kids art books to inspire you. Grab a coffee and enjoy!

50 Kids Art Books for Homeschooling

One book I forgot to mention in that article is Framed by Frank Cotterell Boyce

The story is of 'the last boy' left in a small Welsh village. When the National Gallery in London has to move all its paintings into the mine at the top of the mountain (because of a flood), there is an amazing impact on the whole village. (If you have seen the TV version of this, please don't let it put you off. It was nothing like the book). 

We thought this was a wonderful book and I loved how it introduced artwork to the children. It made great listening for all the family. 

We were lucky enough to be able to visit the National Gallery to look up the paintings the book mentions. If that isn't possible for you, then you will find them all at the National Gallery 

Themed Corners

I have had so much fun in the past setting up themed play corners for the children. We started small with little 'home' areas but over the years have built rainforests, spaceships and even a minecraft corner :)

Why not give it a try too.

Find out more : Themed Play Corners.

Make a Skyscraper!

My children won a Blue Peter badge for this project! What more of a recommendation could you need?

Design a Skyscraper
This is a really fun project to design a skyscraper that people could live their whole lives inside. I found we covered loads of educational stuff with this - geography, design principles, history and more. Worth taking a look.



You know those magnetic words you get for refrigerators that you are supposed to make poems with? Well this is the high-tech version.

Piclits lets you choose an 'atmospheric' picture, then add words to it. It would be a great way to get your children thinking creatively about writing. And because the pictures are so great, even the most mundane wording seems profound!

It would be a lovely way to make some poetry - maybe to go with your current homeschool project?
Need more creative writing ideas? Try a bit of homeschool writing

Ideas Daybook

I think this was one of the first pages I had on my site - and I still love the idea :)

Homeschooling Ideas Daybook

Create an ideas daybook to keep together all your ideas and inspiration. Then you will be ready for anything :)


I while ago, I came across a great Currclick resource - Einstein's Suitcase.

I have already used some of the Enrichment4You products before, and we really enjoyed them. In this one, you

    "create an imaginary collection of personal and scientific effects that might have belonged to Albert Einstein. On the next page is a list of items which you might wish to consider including in your suitcase. The suitcase you will use for this activity will be a box which will be faux finished to resemble leather. What you put inside your suitcase is up to you. The goal is to create a suitcase of discover. Use your imagination and have fun."

We really enjoyed it and learned a lot. I think you will find this a great starting point for learning more about Einstein.

Yarn Painting

Huichol Indians live in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico. They are known for their beautifully intricate yarn art painting and bead work.

Make a huichol yarn painting -

Combine some geography and art by making your own yarn painting.

Instructions here.

Fall Ideas and Images

Wondering what sort of projects to pull together for the fall?

I hope my Fall ideas will inspire you.

As part of the page, I have pulled together some autumn images for you to use for lapbooks or other fall projects.

Games To Play

Hand selected for your enjoyment!

  • Ink Ball. Physics puzzle! No need to sign up - just click the little X. Place items across a space to redirect the flow of falling ink balls so that they drop, bounce, or roll into a pot on the other side where they quickly convert into a liquid.

  • We have gone Cryptic Crossword mad in our house! Here is an easy one to get you started.

  • Faultline. Fold and unfold the universe to make your way through it.

Thanks so much for joining me for this issue of "Fuel the Fire".

Be sure to look out for the next issue on 6th October 2016. If you can't wait, then you can find a more regular injection of ideas on:

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  • If you have any comments or suggestions to help me improve this newsletter, I would love to hear from you!

    best wishes, Julie
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