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How Does Homeschool compare to Public Schooling?

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It is very difficult to compare Homeschool vs Public Schools because there is such a wide variation in both types of education.

Both have their pros and cons. There are good schools and bad, and good homeschools and bad - and most fall somewhere in the middle!

In the table below I have tried to highlight some of the differences in homeschooling vs public schools.

I am sure there are many more. I think the key is that something can work for you or against you depending on your situation and philosophy.

Homeschooling vs Public Schooling

Pros of Homeschooling
More involved in community
Freedom from peer pressure
More relaxed
No School Runs
More time with family
Pursue enthusiasms
Education matched to child
1 on 1 attention (ish!)
Testing to suit parents philosphy
Flexible scheduling
Can extend curriculum outside standard
Can instill family values
Easy to replicate school activities
Less sedentary

Homeschooling Cons
More time with family
Exams may be harder to take
Full responsibility for education provided
May need to juggle different age groups
Less outside family recognition of good work
Parents need to learn too
Considered different/weird
Can indoctrinate
Still have to pay tax
Have to cope with emergencies and burnout
May be more difficult to find sports/band teams/prom
Constantly justifying decision
1 parent unable to work
Pros of School
Skills testing
Easier to do exams
Good teacher will inspire
Standard Education
Parents free to do own thing
Group discussions and debates
Outside the home recognition of good work
Regularly see friends
Set breaks/vacations
More time outside family
Sports/band availability
Mixing social groups
Same as everyone else
Can bring sense of success
Cons of School
Many fellow students don't value learning - disruption
Standard/poor education
Skills testing (pressure)
Bad teacher will demotivate
Time wasting - queues
Travelling time
High pupil to teacher ratio
Not challenging enough
Less time with family
Set breaks/vacations
Less time spent with parent
Peer pressure
Disparity in facilities
Can bring sense of failure
Can be sedentary

What do homeschooled children think?

Views of a parent with one child at home and one at school.

What do homeschool Moms think?

The table reflects a difference in opinion about what makes a good education.

For example, testing appears as both an advantage and disadvantage on the schools list. Testing is seen as a good thing by many, but can cause stress and pressure on children - as well as helping to instill a feeling of success or failure depending on the results.

Socialization is another example.

Usually this is raised as a disadvantage of homeschooling, but it can in fact work wonderfully well in allowing the children to choose friends they really like. And although it is said that children get the opportunity to socialize at school, some children are still isolated, or bullied.

You can only really compare on an individual basis. What can you offer your child by homeschooling them, and what would be their opportunities at your local public school?


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