Homeschooling with age/level differences


How do I implement the 1-hour homeschool schedule with two children 3 and 1/2 years apart in age?

Would I simply do 1 hour per child to make it a 2-hour morning? Or is there a way I could do both in the same hour?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


Hi Lynn
Thanks for your question.

It would be interesting to see how others approach this as mine are only 18months apart.

Can you normally work so that your children do the same subjects (at the same time) but at different levels? I would think this would be easier with some subjects.

I wonder if you could overlap some of the lessons? So for example, spend half an hour with one - then both of them together for another half hour - and then work with the second one for the final half hour.

I think you may need to experiment to find the right balance.

best wishes, Julie


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