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My kids love journal writing. But sometimes they need a hint as to what to write about. Here are some great journaling prompts (including picture prompts) for you to try.

Journal writing for kids is a way of helping them to get to know themselves better.

As well as keeping a kids diary for memories, why not try journaling for kids - and introduce them to a whole new way of writing.

I have used journaling with my children to great effect in our homeschooling. But sometimes a prompt question or topic really helps us dive into unexplored territory!

Journal Writing Prompts

This section has some simple prompts to help you get started. Just write out the journal writing prompts at the beginning of the journal page.

  1. My advice to you would be..
  2. It is ten years from today and..
  3. I'm happiest when...
  4. I really hate...
  5. I am proud of myself for..
  6. My biggest wish is..
  7. My biggest fear is..
  8. If I could change one thing in my life it would be...
  9. The thing I like most about myself is..
  10. I am grateful for..
  11. The three things I couldn't live without are..
  12. If I was the opposite of myself, I would be like this..
  13. If I had one day when I could do anything at all, I would..
  14. If I could invent a rule that people HAD to obey, it would be..
  15. If I was an animal I would be a..
  16. If I had a super-power I would want it to be..
  17. I think they should invent a..
  18. If I had a time machine I would..
  19. The best gift I ever got was..
  20. When I am old I will..
  21. The one thing I will never, ever do is..
  22. I want to go and live..
  23. 10 things you didn't know about me are..
  24. I think everyone should..
  25. The problem with being me is that..
  26. If I had $1million I would..
  27. If I were on TV I would tell everyone..
  28. One thing I should do is..
  29. If I were a piece of clothing I would be..
  30. If I had to go live on a desert island, I would take..

Journal Picture Prompts

Photographs work really well as journal writing prompts for children (and adults!) in journaling. Images are good at triggering emotions, so they make a good way to explore how you feel about things.

If you work in a book then just cut out the picture and stick it in to use to prompt you. Otherwise my picture prompts come on lined paper - wide lines for younger children and then an older child version.

Surfer in the Ocean

Surfer prompt - wide lines version.
Surfer prompt2 - thin lines version.

Questions and Topics

  • How does the picture make you feel – write about how you feel and why.
  • Surfing is an exiting sport – write about the last time you felt excited or scared about doing something. How did you feel when it was over?
  • What would be the most exciting thing you could think of to happen to you? Describe exactly what would happen.
  • Winter Moon

    Moon prompt - wide lines version.
    Moon prompt2 - thin lines version.

    Questions and Topics

  • How does the picture make you feel – write about how you feel and why.
  • They say you are 'wishing for the moon' if you want something you can't have. What are you wishing for? Can you really not have it?
  • The moon has cycles. What are the cycles or patterns in your life so far?
  • Barbed wire in the snow

    Snow prompt - wide lines version.
    Snow prompt2 - thin lines version.

    Questions and Topics

  • How does the picture make you feel – write about how you feel and why.
  • The barbed wire is stopping entry into the field. Where do you feel 'stopped' in your life?
  • What do you think you would find over the wire?

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