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We had a big 'ah-ha' moment when my children discovered they could make words out of cut-up print outs of the periodic table. By moving the different element letters around - we managed to make lots of different words.

Out of that sprang these fun worksheets for studying the periodic table. Some are easier than others, giving you the numbers you need to find the words. Others need a lot more thought!


The idea behind these worksheets is to use the element letters to make words. The first few worksheets give you the element numbers, so all you have to do is look on the table to find the corresponding letters.

Periodic Table Worksheets to make your kids THINK

The last two worksheets give you the letters only - and you need to find out the element numbers instead.

The worksheets really get your kids looking at the periodic table, and they should end up with a good idea of where all the elements are placed around it!

Need a copy of the table? Get a printable periodic table of elements chart to use with your worksheet.

Name the Place

Using the numbers given, find the elements and put them together to make the names of places. Includes answer sheet.
Place Worksheet

Find the City

Find the names of cities using the numbers of the elements.
Cities Worksheet

Name the Animals

Using the numbers given, find the elements and put them together to make the names of animals.
Animals Worksheet

Word Search

Find the elements on your periodic table that make up the words shown. Includes answer sheet. This is an easier sheet that shows the actual element letters making up the words ie. CAr
Worksheet Search 1

Word Search 2

Find the elements on your periodic table to make up the words shown. This harder version shows the words only, not the elements that make them. Includes answer sheet.
Worksheet Search 2

Blank Chart

To practice filling in. See how much you remember! Two versions available.
Blank Chart
Printable periodic table worksheets example

Why not cut up a copy of the Periodic Table and see if your teens can make their own worksheets? How many words can they find? What is the longest word?

We were thinking of new words for days afterwards!


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